Hello Survivors! The countdown to War Season 7: War of Champions is ticking away, and we’re elated to reveal the rewards, transfer specifics, and other vital info!

War of Champions is being held from June 28 11AM PT to June 30th 11AM PT. 

War of Champions Region Transfers

The Top 100 War Season 7 Scoring Factions (found here) will receive access to the War of Champions region. Players in those factions will also have their Region Transfer Cool-downs reset and will be given a Region Transfer Key. For this, players must have taken part in the last qualifier. 

To prevent region transfer errors and server load issues, we will be sending out Region Transfer Keys in waves by faction starting tentatively Monday, June 24th.

Thursday, June 27th, 2024, at 4PM PT, the War of Champions Region will close to inbound transfer. If players wish to compete in War of Champions they must transfer to the War of Champions region by 4PM PT on June 27th, 2024. 

Players can expect solo tournaments during the window between Region Transfer Keys being sent and War of Champions to make for easy transfer. 

WoC Transfer Windows

RankDateTime (PT)
1-66/24/249:00 AM
7-126/24/2410:00 AM
13-186/24/2411:00 AM
19-246/24/2412:00 PM
25-306/24/241:00 PM
31-376/24/242:00 PM
38-446/24/243:00 PM
45-516/24/244:00 PM
52-586/24/245:00 PM
59-656/25/249:00 AM
66-726/25/2410:00 AM
73-796/25/2411:00 AM
80-866/25/2412:00 PM
87-936/25/241:00 PM
94-1006/25/242:00 PM

Monday, July 1st, 2024, we will reset War of Champions Player and Faction Region Transfer Cool-downs and begin sending Region Transfer Keys in waves once again (following the same pattern as above) so players can return to their home regions. 

Faction events will continue to be on hold for the week after War of Champions to make for easy transfer. All remaining players in the War of Champions region on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, will be sent to a region of our choosing. 

We will reopen region transfers for all players in the future. Keep an eye on our official blog for more information.


Once more, we want to emphasize that a strict zero-tolerance policy will be enforced concerning collusion during the War of Champions.

Collusion in the War of Champions includes:

  • Deliberately farming or boosting points through repeated repairs to assist another faction in climbing to a higher rank.
  • Engaging in a tactic where one camp is repaired at a time, and repairs are chained together to obstruct a team’s progress and slow them down.

Our team will continuously monitor player and faction scores to ensure the fair and honest nature of the competition throughout the War of Champions. Any account found engaging in such activities during the event will face appropriate actions. 

War of Champions Exclusive Fighter

Yumiko ‘A New Beginning’ is the War of Champions Season 7 exclusive fighter. She will be available in the WoC Gray Market after the completion of WoC, and players can exchange their Feathered Arrows, which they will obtain after reaching the 100,000 Milestone in the WoC.

War of Champions Season 7 Avatars

Once again, we will be rewarding War of Champions players with placement and participation avatars for their epic achievements! These will be delivered via 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Rank Rewards and the participation avatar via the first War Milestone at 5,000 Points.

Paragon Mod Rewards

Players in the War of Champions region will find a series of Missions to complete easily and will be rewarded with different Paragon Mods! Players can choose the set (ATK, DEF, HP, or CRIT) of each rewarded Paragon Mod! 

Defeat 40 WalkersChoice of set: Random Paragon Mod
Complete 10 Roadmap stagesChoice of set: Random Paragon Mod
Win 10 RaidsChoice of set: Random Paragon Mod
Win 10 Survival Road stagesChoice of set: Random Paragon Mod
Defeat 80 WalkersChoice of set: Random Paragon Mod

Collectable Coins

We will once again reward our top 3 factions from War of Champions with the TWD RTS Champion Collectible Coins. Each of these incredible 2-inch x 2-inch metal coins will proudly double as a real-life souvenir, showcasing your absolute dominance on the thrilling Road to Survival! 

War Map Banner

We will also hang the banner high for the winning faction for Season 7 War of Champions by prominently displaying their name on the battlefield for each war in Season 7. 

In addition, the top factions will be remembered for all time after being enshrined in the Discord Wall of Champions! 

Good luck to all the factions in the War of Champions!