“Bashing through the snow,
In a scavenged cabriolet,
O’er the fields we go,
Rampaging away,

Make their noggins ring,
Gripping baseballs tight,
What fun it is to ride and sing,
A slaying song tonight!”

Anonymous Saviour’s Carol

We don’t want to build a snowman, but we’re definitely up for a snowball fight! 

We want to leave 2020 behind with a literal “bash”, and help the survivors prepare for an all-out snowball fight for the ages. No way better to release the frustrations built up this year, with a some-what harmless ball of snowy fury right in someone’s face.

Collect Bloody Snowballs, obtain Broken Snowglobes and you will soon find yourself the proud owner of the not so jolly, but oh so grinchy Christmas Governor!

Event Dates

Start Date: Wednesday, December 2 @12PM PDT

End Date: Sunday, January 3 @ 12PM PDT

Stash and Gray Market End Date: Monday, January 4 @ 5PM

Event Description

Throughout the event, you’ll have plenty of chances to collect Bloody Snowballs. They’ll be available as rewards in Tournament Milestones, Event rewards, and Daily Login Rewards

Make sure you take full advantage of the FREE 30 Bloody Snowball login rewards, as we’ll also have our Advent Calendar running to help provide that extra motivation not to miss out.

There will also be special Weekly Mission Events, 5 in total, which will offer you some simple missions to complete each week and award you with 400 Bloody Snowballs each week.

Bloody Snowballs will be tracked through the Main Mission Event. Collecting them will allow you to progress through the milestones and earn Broken Snowglobes. Some Broken Snowglobes will be included as rewards in other events throughout the month as usual.

Bloody Snowballs can then be traded once collected in the Gray Market for Winter Tokens, allowing you to open the Snow Stash.

Broken Snowglobes will be also tradeable in the Gray Market for Christmas Governor and other S-Class Cards

Main Mission Event

Collecting Bloody Snowglobes throughout the duration of the event will make you progress through the Main Mission Event milestones.

ObjectiveReward – Quantity
Collect 150 Bloody Snowballs10 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 300 Bloody Snowballs12 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 450 Bloody Snowballs15 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 700 Bloody Snowballs18 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 850 Bloody Snowballs20 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 1000 Bloody Snowballs25 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 1200 Bloody Snowballs30 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 1500 Bloody Snowballs35 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 1700 Bloody Snowballs40 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 1900 Bloody Snowballs50 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 2100 Bloody Snowballs60 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 2300 Bloody Snowballs70 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 2500 Bloody Snowballs80 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 2800 Bloody Snowballs90 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 3000 Bloody Snowballs100 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 3200 Bloody Snowballs110 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 3500 Bloody Snowballs120 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 4000 Bloody Snowballs150 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 4500 Bloody Snowballs175 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 5000 Bloody Snowballs200 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 5500 Bloody Snowballs230 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 6000 Bloody Snowballs260 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 6500 Bloody Snowballs280 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 7000 Bloody Snowballs300 Broken Snowglobes
Collect 8,000 Bloody Snowballs500 Broken Snowglobes

Gray Market

During the event you’ll be able to trade in your Bloody Snowballs for Winter Tokens, allowing you to progress through the winter stash, or you Broken Snowglobes for S-Class Cards, including Christmas Governor.

Bloody Snowball Gray Market

RewardSnowball CostStock
5 Winter Tokens90200
5 Brady*3010

*This reward is offered to help sink extra Snowballs at the end of the event. Do not consider it the main reward.

Broken Snowglobe Gray Market

RewardQuantitySnowglobe CostStock
5* Christmas Governor12502
Governor Cards5006012
Morgan Cards1208030
Scottsman Cards1208030
Andrea Cards1208030
Mr Liu Cards1204030
Shane Cards1204030

Snow Stash

The stash will be packed to the rim with everything you’ll need to level up your Christmas Governor, including Medals, Trainers, Gear, and some refills for good measure.

Use your Winter Tokens to progress through it.

Christmas Governor

Character Breakdown

Trait: AlertHealth4,248
Role: DamageDefense2,465
S- ClassAttack5,994
Rush: Sleigh Run
Cost: 76 AP
Effect: Deal 2000% damage to a line of enemies. Those enemies get 100% Heal Reduction for 2 turns. Up to 2 enemies get daze and confuse for 2 turns.
Active Skill: ATK Up, Crit Up, Guardian Shield, and AP up.
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
Effect: This character and one teammate get 50% ATK and +60 Crit for 2 turns and guardian shield. This character gets 50% max ap
Specialist Skill: Collateral Damage II
When this character performs a critical attack on an enemy, they will deal splash damage (100% damage) to up to three adjacent enemies. The adjacent enemies do not gain AP from the damage.