Hello Survivors,

We recently encountered a few issues in-game which we would like to address:

1) Road to Mythic Trait Mission event was not tracking progress as intended. The following missions were not accurately tracking player progress:

  • Level Up Tier 1 Strong or Fast S-Class by 89 Levels
  • Upgrade 1 Tier 1 Strong or Fast S-Class to Tier 2
  • Level Up Tier 2 Strong for Fast S-Class by 109 Levels

All missions listed above have now been fixed. We realize that many players have spent resources towards these missions. As a result, we will be providing the following to all players to make up for this issue:

  • 3x RTM Tokens
  • 1x Gold S-Class Card 

Please note that potential progress earned before the fix will not be retroactively counted. All other missions in the Road to Mythic Trait Missions were tracking progress appropriately at the start of the event.

2) Battle Pass 5 weekly missions erroneously countained a “Win 10 Consecutive Raid Battles” mission. As it was not our intention to include this mission, we will be providing all players 250 Battle Points.

3) Alert S-Class Davie cards were erroneously added to the Road to Mythic Shop when they were intended to be the Fast S-Class Davie cards. We have added Fast S-Class Davie Cards to the shop and will be leaving Alert S-Class Davie cards in the shop for today only (2/15).

Thank you for your patience.