Brave and with a taste for violence, Abraham is most at ease in the front lines.

Abraham originally joined Rick’s group, along with Rosita and Eugene, and quickly became Rick’s right hand man. Although seemingly cold and violent, deep down he has been hit hard by his past experiences and suffers from survivors guilt. He feels most at home in a good fight, but will protect those he cares for.

Gameplay Overview

  • Abraham is a massive damage dealer over time that spreads fire and leaves devastation in his wake. 
  • Dealing burn damage early through your rush allows you to take advantage of the all new specialist skill arsonist that will double any burn effect with a basic attack! With burn damage doubling and spreading to other enemies, Abe is a snowball fighter that eventually makes the enemy lose all chance of victory.
  • With passives like gaining def against burning targets and increasing your overall burn damage…Abraham is a force to be reckoned with!


Our upcoming update, Conquest, includes our largest content update in the history of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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