Hello Survivors,

We recently encountered an issue where the Roadathon Stash prematurely vanished from the game. This resulted in all earned stash progress on the Roadathon Stash to be lost. Due to this, any player who used their SR Tokens in the Roadathon Stash between the start of the current Roadathon at 3:00PM PST 2/17 and 4:00PM PST 2/18 will be sent replacement SR Tokens to recover any lost Stash progress. You can expect the Roadathon stash to return within 24 hours. Any impacted player can also expect to receive their replacement tokens within that 24 hours as well.

Update: In addition to this, all players will be sent the following, via inbox, to make up for any inconvenience this may have caused:
– 2x Survival Road Energy Refills
– 20x SR Tokens

Thank you for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy the Roadathon event!