One of the original “Road To Survival” story characters, Sandy is a rebel with a tragic past.

Trying her best to act as a big sister, Sandy sadly lost her sister twice; first losing her to a drug addiction and then having to put her down herself, after becoming a walker. Her loss deeply affected her. She often allies herself with strong yet questionably motivated individuals.

Gameplay Overview

  • Sandy is all about splash! She will rain down lead on your enemies in a fashion not yet seen on the Road to Survival 
  • Giving yourself elusive sets you up to attack anything and everything on the enemy team so don’t forget to use that before going off!
  • Giving yourself Absolute Defense and tons of Crit with your Mythic Abilities you can bet your going to lay waste to the enemy team


Our upcoming update, Conquest, includes our largest content update in the history of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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