The Diamond Collection

If you’re reading this, you’re in one of our new starter regions! Congrats! We know starting fresh in a game can feel a bit daunting, but we’re here to give you a helping hand!

To help plump the rosters of our newer survivors, if you are in the Weakly, Wilson or Bledsoe regions, the Diamond Collection has arrived!

Event Overview

Start Date: Thursday, April 16, 5 PM PDT 
End Date: Thursday, May 7th, 5PM PDT

A new collection will be made available in the museum to trade Diamonds for a choice box containing some of our most useful 5* Ascendable characters. These are great additions to any team to help you start off your road to survival.

How to collect Diamonds

A special Daily Road Map will be available, providing diamonds as Act rewards. Complete these roadmaps each day for the duration of your event to claim your new fighters in the museum!

Diamonds will also be made available in store for the duration of the event.

Diamond Collection

Cost: 10 Diamonds
Max Completions: 10

Reward: 5* Ascendable Choice Box

5* Ascendable Choice Box:

  • Negan “Road to Survival” #6
  • Princess “Road to Survival” #1
  • Davie “Off-Kilter”
  • Marlon and Rosie “Done Running”
  • John
  • Ezekiel “Leagues Season 1”