Connor is well known for being short-tempered and bloodthirsty. When in doubt, he will always be packing and ready to bring the pain.

With his arrival in our latest fighter wheel, we’re bringing in a new Mission Event, that not only will reward you with a ton of useful items for your armory, but if you get S-Class Connor, you will also get his weapon, Connor’s Revolver, and even more useful amory items!

Mission EventRewards
Open Connor’s S-Class Recruits Wheel 10 times20,000 Armory Tokens
Open Connor’s S-Class Recruits Wheel 20 times1 Varnish, 1 Blowtorch
Open Connor’s S-Class Recruits Wheel 40 times30,000 Armory Tokens
Open Connor’s S-Class Recruits Wheel 80 times3 Varnish, 3 Blowtorch
Collect S-Class ConnorConnor’s Revolver, 150,000 Armory Tokens, 6 Varnish, 6 Blowtorch

The Mission event will be available during S-Class Connor’s initial run on the Special Recruits Wheel!

Connor’s Revolver

No one’s ever called Connor a patient man. Quick to violence and seemingly enjoying the apocalypse, Connor’s Revolver, however, shows a different kind of man. 

Connor’s Revolver is a unique and effective defensive weapon. Coming in with 35% HP and 30% Def as the weapons base stats, this weapon is tanky and helps any alert character take hit after hit. With the ability to upgrade these already high base stats or craft in an AP bonus, this weapon gives you the flexibility to design a very powerful and tanky weapon.

What really differentiates this weapon from other alert weapons, is its unique special weapon effect. With a 25% chance to apply Guardian Shield to one other teammate (excluding self) every time the character holding this weapon takes damage (unless disarmed or stunned), Connor’s Revolver is a truly altruistic weapon. 

This weapon doesn’t stop there with its ‘giving’ nature. Its epic weapon slot “Alert Buffs”, provides a limited-time defensive buff to the weapon holder’s teammates. If this seems a little too charitable, you are but one craft away from attempting “Cleanse”, which has the ability to remove one negative effect from the weapon wielder.