Let’s face it, this year seems to have dragged on slower than a horde of old walkers.

To help welcome in the new year, which hopefully will bring better fortune than the one currently slipping through the back door, a new event is coming, where you’ll need to collect the most festive of collectibles: 2021 Glasses and Champagne Bottles.

And on a more serious and personal note, the entire TWD: RTS Team wants to take a moment to wish our entire community a very Happy Holiday Season with the most hopeful wishes for you and your loved ones for this coming year.

We know it hasn’t been an easy year for anyone and we couldn’t go without thanking you all for your passion and commitment towards the game we love and work on. It’s been a year full of changes where we’ve all had to reinvent ourselves moving forward, and which you have helped make all the more worthwhile, with your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and helping hold ourselves to a higher standard each day.

Our work is far from over and we are dying to show you everything we’ve been working on for our future updates. Rest assured, 2021 promises to be one of our most exciting years in memory for which, thanks to all your help and passion, is now far more than a game for us. 

Thank you all for staying with us through thick and thin, and we hope to see you again next year as we conquer new challenges!

Event Dates:

Start: 12/28/20 12:00 pm PT

End: 1/11/21 12:00 pm PT

Event Overview:

As you’d expect, Walker’s Eve will involve mowing down hordes of Walkers. Doing your part this Walker’s Eve will reward you with everything you need to level up your latest recruits.

A new Daily Roadmap will become available. Its value will be two-fold, as obtaining the daily stage and act rewards will grant you 2021 Glasses to progress in your Faction Mission Event, and each stage drop has a chance to reward you with Champagne Bottles, which you can turn in for useful rewards in the Gray Market.

Throughout the event, a Faction Mission Event will be tracking every 2021 Glasses collected by your Faction Members, and reward you with Walker Tokens, which you can use in the Walker Stash.

So, you’ll want to make sure you clear the Roadmap at least once per day, to progress your Faction’s event, and then dip back in for Champagne Bottles for extra rewards.

Walker Roadmap Details

The Roadmap will reset each day, allowing you to collect 2021 Glasses included in the stage and act rewards once per day.

Enemy TypeDifficultyStage Energy CostReward
Act 1
Stage 1WalkersS810 World Energy5x 2021 Glasses
Stage 2WalkersS810 World Energy5x 2021 Glasses
Stage 3WalkersS910 World Energy5x 2021 Glasses
Stage 4WalkersS910 World Energy5x 2021 Glasses
Stage 5WalkersS1010 World Energy5x 2021 Glasses
Act Reward10x 2021 Glasses

Additionally, completing each stage will have a chance to reward you with one of the following as a drop reward:

  • 8,000 Ascendance Medals
  • 10 Legendary Medals
  • 100 Elite Tokens
  • 300 Five Star Recruit Tokens
  • 100 Champagne Bottles

Champagne Bottles can be traded in the Gray Market for Walker Tokens, Burts, or Armory Tokens. 

Survivor Club Members will have an exclusive trade allowing them to exchange Champagne Bottles for Benedicts.

Faction Mission Event

Completing your daily Roadmap will grant you 2021 Glasses, allowing you and your faction members to progress through the Faction Mission Event Milestones and earn Walker Tokens for the Walker Stash.

3,000 2021 Glasses200 Walker Tokens
4,000 2021 Glasses200 Walker Tokens
5,000 2021 Glasses200 Walker Tokens
7,000 2021 Glasses400 Walker Tokens

Gray Market Rewards

Turning in your Champagne Bottles and 2021 Glasses can grant you some nifty rewards to help you level up your newest recruits!

100 Walker Tokens:

  • Cost: 100 Champagne Bottles
  • Stock: 25

5 Burts

  • Cost: 100 Champagne Bottles
  • Stock: 8

2,000 Armory Tokens

  • Cost: 100 Champagne Bottles
  • Stock: 5

1,000 Gear Markers

  • Cost: 20x 2021 Glasses
  • Stock: 20


4 Benedicts

  • Cost: 100 Champagne Bottles
  • Stock: 4

Walker Stash Contents

The stash will require 100 Walker Tokens for each open. There will be 2 stashes available, with the second one becoming available upon completion of the first one.

Stash 1ItemQty
1S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
2S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
3S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
4S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
5S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
6S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
7S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
8S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
9S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
10S-Class Cards Choicebox 11
21Epic Gear Choicebox 14
22Epic Gear Choicebox 12
23Epic Gear Choicebox 210
24Epic Gear Choicebox 25
25Legendary Gear Choicebox 12
26Legendary Gear Choicebox 11
27Legendary Gear Choicebox 24
28Legendary Gear Choicebox 22
Completion RewardS-Class Cards Choicebox 21
Stash 2ItemQty
1S-Class Cards Choicebox 110
2S-Class Cards Choicebox 110
3S-Class Cards Choicebox 15
4S-Class Cards Choicebox 15
5S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
6S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
7S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
8S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
9S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
10S-Class Cards Choicebox 12
31Platinum Mod4
32Platinum Mod1
33Platinum Mod1
34Platinum Mod1
35Armory Token25,000
36Armory Token5,000
37Armory Token5,000
38Armory Token5,000
Completion RewardS-Class Cards Choicebox 31

S-Class Card Choicebox 1 content: (choice of)

  • 100 Andrea Cards
  • 100 Jobe Cards
  • 100 Beta Cards
  • 100 Alpha cards

S-Class Card Choicebox 2 content: (choice of)

  • 500 Andrea Cards
  • 500 Jobe Cards
  • 500 Beta Cards
  • 500 Alpha cards

S-Class Card Choicebox 3 content: (choice of):

  • 2500 Andrea Cards
  • 2500 Jobe Cards
  • 2500 Beta Cards
  • 2500 Alpha cards

Epic Gear Choicebox 1 content: (choice of)

  • Hand Crank Radio
  • Military watch

Epic Gear Choicebox 2 content: (choice of)

  • Weapon Tripod
  • Sports Gauntlet
  • Practice Dummy
  • Knife Sheath

Legendary Gear Choicebox 1 content: (choice of)

  • Canteen
  • GPS

Legendary Gear Choicebox 2 content: (choice of)

  • Whetstone
  • Double Holster
  • Hockey Mask
  • Magazine Bandolier