Leader of the Saviors and Rick’s personal nemesis.

Brutal and with a cruel sense of humor, Negan is the embodiment of the end always justifying the means. He will do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals and keep those close to him safe from the walker hordes outside… but he never mentioned they would be safe from him.

Gameplay Overview

  • Negan is a masterful leader and a ruthless villain in the walking dead, and he will be a devastating force on any attack team
  • Your rush hits like a truck and applies maim to 2 other enemies. This means he excels at heavy hitting single target damage and a bit of splash to make him fit in multiple lineups
  • Your gonna want to build him with HP and ATK to get the most out of him on offense or defense and his mythic abilities will help with that!


Our upcoming update, Conquest, includes our largest content update in the history of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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