With the arrival of our game-changing Conquest Update, we’ve also been looking at your feedback on our Survivor’s Club. We figured it was the perfect moment to also update the subscription service, and improve its relevance and value to make it a better fit in the Conquest Era.

The new Survivor’s Club will be a much more streamlined and simplified affair. Members can look forward to an increase in Roster Cap, from +500 to +2000, along with a revamped reward structure. We’ll be sharing more details on the upcoming changes on or before Friday, 3/26/21. 

Before we make any changes, we wanted to take some time to allow you to still complete any current mission event you might have been working on, while also being able to put your Comics, Walking Dead Keys, and Bloodied Axes to use a final time before they are permanently retired.

We also wanted to thank all our Club members with a special thank you daily login gift from the Gray Market during the transition period. All members will be able to obtain a free Benedicts Offer each day, totalling a 70 Benedicts throughout the event!

Transition Period Details

The Transition Period will officially start on 3/9/21 at 4:00 PM PST.

At this time, a series of special Close-out Collections and Gray Market trades will become available, including the FREE daily Survivor’s Club gift.

Gray MarketSC Only50000x Armory Tokens15x Comics1
Gray MarketSC Only50x Basils15x Comics1
Gray MarketAll1x Brady4x Comics50
Gray MarkerAll1x Burt2x Comics100
Gray MarketAll1x All Energy Choicebox 10x Comics10
Gray MarketAll1x Gear Choicebox(1x Whetstone1x Double Holster1x Hockey Mask1x Magazine Bandolier)10x Comics20
Gray MarketSC Only1x Supreme Bag (Walking dead keys)4x Comics12x
Gray MarketAll1x Apocalypse Bag  (Walking Dead Keys)16x Comics3x
Gray MarketAll10x Walking Dead Keys10x Comics3x
Gray MarketSC Only65x Benedicts
3x Lilith
3x Ulysses
3x Varnish
3x Bloodied Axe
3x Bloodied Axe 1
Gray MarketSC Only1x Platinum Mod Choice Box (Atk/Def/Hp/Crit)FREE
One time offer
Gray MarketSC ONLY2x BenedictFREE Daily Gray Market Rewards1 (Per Day)

These will only be available until 4/13/21 at 4:00 PM PDT, so make sure you make good use of all your collectibles, as they will no longer be used in the future of Survivor’s Club after that date.

This transition will also be your last chance to complete the current Survivor’s Club activities. All current SC Mission Events, Roadmaps and Collections will end after the dates specified below, allowing you to complete any progress you might have made so far. 

The current live Survivor Club activities will end on:

  • Weekly Mission Events: 3/30/21 — 4:30 PM PDT
  • Survivor’s Club Mission: 3/30/21 — 5:00 PM PDT
  • Legendary Gear Roadmap: 3/30/21 — 4:00 PM PDT
    • This roadmap will run on a weekly schedule leading up to 3/30/21
      • Run 1: 3/9/21 4:00 PM PST — 3/16/21 4:00PM PDT
      • Run 2: 3/16/21 4:00 PM PDT — 3/23 4:00 PM PDT
      • Run 3 (Final Run): 3/23/21 4:00 PM PDT — 3/30 4:00 PM PDT
  • Survivor’s Club Roadmap: 3/30/21 — 4:00 PM PDT
  • Survivor’s Club Loyalty Museum Collections: 4/13/21 — 4:00 PM PDT
  • Weekly Missions Museum Collection: 4/13/21 — 4:00 PM PDT
  • Malcom Comic Museum Collections: 4/13/21 — 4:00 PM PDT


  •  Walking Dead Key Gray Market Shop items will be available throughout the duration of the transition period with increased purchase limits.
  • Andrea and Malcom will no longer be available to Survivors Club members who have not claimed them, starting 4/13

We look forward to sharing our upcoming changes to the Survivor’s Club with all of you very soon!