Special Shiva Roadmap Event

Want to be the real Tiger King? Then do we have the event for you!

To help our new players in Weakly, Wilson and Bledsoe regions, our Shiva Roadmap is making a return, which includes some of your favourite Tigers as a reward for your efforts.

The Shiva Roadmap will allow you to claim Shiva Banners as a reward that can be redeemed in the museum for the Shiva of your choice.

Event Times:

Start: Thursday 5/21/20 5:00 PM PDT
End: Wednesday 6/10/20 5:00 PM PDT
Collections Close: Thursday 6/11/20, 5:00 PM PDT


  • The Roadmap will consist of 4 acts, each of increasing difficulty.
  • Each Act will award 1 Shiva Banner.
  • The Roadmap will require Tiger Claws as energy

All players will receive 12 free Tiger Claws as an initial starter gift, but more will be available in Mystery Bags and other Offers.

Once you have your banners, you can head to the museum to claim the Shiva of your choice!


Shiva “All Out War”:

  • Cost: 1 Shiva Banner (consumed)
  • Stock: 1

Shiva “Road to Survival”#1:

  • Cost: 2 Shiva Banners (consumed)
  • Stock: 1

Shiva “Winter Edition”:

  • Cost: 3 Shiva Banners (consumed)
  • Stock: 1

Shiva “Road to Survival” #3:

  • Cost: 4 Shiva Banners (consumed)
  • Stock: 1