With War of Champions IV and the end of 2020 fast approaching, we’ve been reflecting on our past and planning for the future of Road to Survival. Over the last five years, we’ve continued to evolve and grow the Road to Survival experience. We’ve witnessed top factions battle for dominance in War of Champions and seen the rise of cross region play through Leagues and tournaments.  6-Star and S-Class Fighters arrived to change the landscape of combat. We’ve watched factions defeat Negan in Faction Assault and lay waste to their rivals in Walker Hordes. But most importantly, we’ve seen a passionate and dedicated group of players come together to form the Road to Survival community.

And as we plan for the future, we want the next five years of Road to Survival to be an even better experience for the community and for players. We think this means continuing to accomplish two key goals. First, and most importantly, we hear your calls for us to continue to update core features, continue to make the game better, and keep all parts of the game relevant and rewarding. Second, we need to continue to create new, fresh and exciting experiences and content. It is critical we accomplish both of these goals while ensuring the game is accessible and exciting to all players.  

We believe we’ve made major progress over the last year on these goals. We launched our War Mercenaries update which made queuing significantly easier for all factions. We added new Stronghold effects in Total War which breathed new life into the War. We upgraded the dossier with the Level Up and Trainer update which made leveling your fighters significantly faster and easier. We introduced a rewarding Battle Pass, cracked down on exploiters, and made progress on improving S-Class card availability. Every month, we launched exciting and accessible events and competitions which introduced many players to powerful S-Class characters like Brutus, Barker, Ivanova, Aaron, and Kenny. Overall, we are very proud of the experiences we’ve delivered this year. 

We believe we are only getting started. There are many more improvements we can make and new experiences we can create, and we can’t wait to start sharing with you what’s coming next! Over the next few weeks and months we will be revealing some of the big things that are coming, starting with our 26.5 release, which we are excited to announce will launch in the coming weeks!

In this update, we want to further improve some of the features you already know, including a core feature that has not been updated since launch:

  1. Town Expansion  We are adding access to 12 more spaces, including the ability to add a third Armory and fifth Training Ground. The level cap on many buildings will be increased to level 30. With these updates, Food and Material generation and storage can be significantly increased, as can Survivor Storage.
  2. Level Cap Increase –  The player level cap will be increased from 200 to 300, with increased rewards along the way. There are now exclusive avatars at levels 250 and 300, as well as 5* Weapon Parts, increased Coin rewards, and more!
  3. War Tower Effects – Following the success of the Total War event, we’ve continued to invest in a wide variety of Stronghold Effects to add variety to the War experience. Look forward to brand new War Strongholds after the War of Champions!
  4. Depot / Wheel Changes 
    1. Supply Depot
      1. Addition of Medals & 4-Star Weapon Parts
      2. Greater variety of 5-Star, 5-Star Ascendable characters
      3. Addition of 6-Star characters
      4. Addition of S-Class Cards
    2. Survival Markers
      1. Addition of Legendary & Universal Trait Trainers
      2. Greater variety of 5-Star, 5-Star Ascendable & 6-Star characters
      3. Medals crate to include greater quantities of Legendary & Ascension medals
      4. Addition of S-Class Cards
    3. 5-Star Recruits & Prestige Recruits
      1. Expanded & refreshed the pool of 5-Star Ascendable & 5-Star characters
      2. Addition of 5-Star Ascendable versions of S-Class characters
      3. Improved Appearance Rates of 5 Star Ascendable Characters
        1. 5-Star Recruit: Improved from 7% to 15%
        2. Prestige Recruits: Appearance Rates improved from 7% to 20%
    4. Elite Character
      1. Expanded & refreshed the pool of 5-Star Ascendable & 5-Star characters
      2. Improved appearance rates for 5-Star and 5-Star Ascendable Characters
        1. 5-Star: Improved from 8% to 38%
        2. 5-Star Ascendables will remain at 2%
        3. 4-Star: Decreased from 90% to 60%

Note: A detailed list of Depot/Wheel changes can be found here

The town expansion and level cap increase are just the beginning of what will be meaningful updates to many aspects of the game, including the World Map, Prestige, Training Ground courses, Side Missions, and much much more! We’re excited to tell you more about what we have in store very soon. 

Stay tuned, because Conquest is imminent…