A strong and stalwart individual, who won’t think twice about putting his life ahead of others.

One of the original settlers and recruiters of Alexandria, he was one of the first to greet Rick and his group and to convince them to join the settlement. He is sworn to kill every remaining member of the Saviors to avenge the death of his former lover Eric.

Gameplay Overview

  • Aaron is the premier Battle Medic of the Mythic world, as he turns his damage into extra healing, he is perfect in any glass cannon lineup that needs a bit of sustain.
  • Stacking Aaron with a ton of damage will hit the enemy hard and heal your allies for more. 500% to a line, Reviving, and Healing makes a threat that can’t be ignored
  • Aaron’s mythic abilities are designed to increase his healing potential and sustain while his kit is pumping out lethal damage!


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