We’re bringing some changes to our Weekly S-Class Fighter promotion.

For a limited time, S-Class Kyle will be available as an S-Class directly from our Trip to the Zoo premium Mission Event! You’ll be able to acquire him without the need of collecting cards or ascending characters, so you can get straight to business.

We’re also bringing you a new S-Class Recruits Wheel, which will see the return of S-Class Jeremiah Jones, along with a chance for some fan favorites including:

  • S-Class Akira
  • S-Class Argus
  • S-Class Diego
  • S-Class MJ
  • S-Class The Wanderer
  • S-Class Dwight 
  • S-Class Andrea 
  • S-Class Kali

Your Daily Survivor’s Club Pull will work on this wheel, allowing a free spin each day!

Grab S-Class Kyle in our event if you’re looking for our latest fighter, or try to finish off one you’ve already started. Just remember to try and get them to Tier 2 to earn more Mythic Tokens once Conquest arrives!