Greetings Survivors,

Our 29.0.1 build is now live for all Public Beta participants! We’ve been working hard to fix as many issues as possible for our 29.0 users, and we’re pleased to announce our latest round of fixes. These include:

Fixes for Beta Build (29.0) players on live regions:

  • Fixed issues resulting in various combat crashes
  • Restored fighter stats missing in normal regions
  • Resolved an issue resulting in crashes when viewing the Friendly Duel Log or Guild Activity Log
  • Resolved various crashes that would occur when raiding
  • Fixed an issue where various territory buffs would cause reloads
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when tapping the Faction icon

Fixes for Beta Build (29.0) players on Beta regions:

  • Corrected the ascension cost of 6-Star Fighters
  • Fixed various mismatched collection rewards and icons
  • Resolved an issue where some players would encounter reloads when Ascending Mythic Fighters
  • Fixed an issue where previously leveled fighters were unable to level up
  • Fixed an issue where 5-Star Fighters would erroneously ascend into 6-Star Versions of S-Class Fighters
  • Resolved an issue where some players would be unable to complete certain tutorials

Fixes for Training Grounds:We are aware of an issue where Public Beta players have lost progress in their Training Grounds in their normal Regions. As of the release 29.0.1 build, players can safely resume using their Training Grounds after downloading the new build. By mid next week, once we’re able to ensure that the game is stable and working, we will start the process of restoring lost Fighters (plus a few extra to make up for lost time) to your Training Grounds.

While you are waiting for your training course progress to be restored, we strongly urge you to only use the training courses that you were previously using prior to when your progress was lost. In the event that you begin training on a different course from what you were using before, the restoration of your progress will be significantly delayed and will require you to reach out to our Customer Support team for additional assistance.