We have been listening to your feedback and are working hard to make Walker Hordes a more rewarding experience. To ensure these changes meet our community’s standards, we will also be making a few changes to the upcoming calendar of events. Finally, we will be making a number of bug fixes rolling out with 19.0.2.

Walker Hordes

To improve the overall player experience with Walker Hordes, we will be making the following changes to the next event:

  1. Walker Hordes’ event duration will be reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours
  2. Milestone thresholds have been reduced. New maximum milestones are as follows:
    • Bronze & Silver: Reduced to 50,000 (down from 115,000)
    • Gold: Reduced to 60,000 (down from 150,000)
    • Platinum: Reduced to 80,000 (down from 175,000)
    • Diamond: Reduced to 100,000 (down from 200,000)
  3. In addition to lower milestones, milestone rewards for all leagues will now include league tokens as well as Walker Horde tokens, trainers and other items (varying by league) to provide greater overall value to players for achieving their milestones
  4. Energy refills, shop refresh and pack opening cooldowns have been scaled down to reflect the shorter event duration:
    • Energy will now refill at a rate of 1 pip per 30 minutes (down from 1 pip per 60 minutes)
    • Pack cooldowns have been adjusted as follows
      • Basic Pack: Reduced to 3 hours (from 4 hours)
      • Gold Back: Reduced to 3.5 hours (from 6 hours)
      • Platinum Pack: Reduced to 4 hours (from 8 hours)
      • Diamond Pack: Reduced to 5 hours (from 8 hours)
    • The shop will now refresh at 3 hour intervals (down from 6 hours)
  5. Rank rewards have been improved, and now provide a greater number of league tokens. Additionally, event tokens are now awarded to players placing within the top 10 ranks in Diamond, Platinum and Gold leagues
  6. Faction pack milestones thresholds have been increased to reflect the lower pack and energy timers. Additionally, the final milestone will now repeat.
  7. Trophies awarded both for individual battles and for rank rewards have been reduced to decrease the disparity between Walker Hordes and other events
  8. Opponent skip cooldown has been reduced to 7 minutes (down from 15 minutes) while rematch skip cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes (down from 10 minutes)

Tournament Calendar Update

  1. Our next Solo Walker Hordes event will now take place on Wednesday, April 10th at 10AM, concluding on Friday, April 12th at 10AM
    • A Solo Raid tournament will now take place on Monday, April 8th at 5PM, concluding Tuesday, April 9th at 10PM
  2. The Faction Walker Hordes event scheduled for the weekend of April 12th will now be replaced with Faction Level Up, Faction Raid, and Faction Survival Road events beginning at their usual times
  3. We’ve revamped the Solo Level Up tournament, and will now only hold one next week beginning at 10AM Monday, April 8th, concluding at 10PM Thursday, April 10th

Bug Fixes in our upcoming 19.0.2 Release

Our 19.0.2 release, scheduled for next week, will include a number of fixes that will improve the Walker Hordes experience.

  • Fixed an issue where Biters produced by Lure Walker where mis-identified as a random other walker type from your horde on the defense log
  • Fixed an issue where the correct score and rank for your Walker Horde opponent was not shown
  • Fixed an issue where league tokens rank rewards were not awarded at the end of Walker Horde events
  • Fixed a crash in the defense Turret Tutorial when using the selected turret rather than the 1st turret that was sometimes off-screen
  • Fixed an issue to apply the correct multiplier in Faction-type Raid and Tournament Road Leaderboards
  • Fixed a crash when a Confuse fighter has no available target due to the last standing fighter being in an Outlast state
  • Fixed an issue where Mine plow had a flipped animation when the player enters combat with it already destroyed
  • Fixed the Heal Reduction being applied to damage taken from HP combat modifier

Full patch notes will be available on release.