It’s been 2 weeks since we have updated the combat AI, and we owe everyone an update on what we have learned about the change so far, and our next steps.

After the AI update, we heard that the overall offensive combat experience had become more challenging than before. The goal of these changes was to improve AI performance, enable the AI to use different defense strategies, and make for an overall better gameplay experience.

After our initial investigation, here is what we’ve learned so far:

Initial Investigation

Within the first week, we saw defense team performance increased across all players, and offense team performance decreasing by approximately the same amount. In the following week, as everyone began learning how the new AI behaves, we saw a sizeable improvement in offense team performance across all players.

In light of players demonstrating improvement, we want to continue to monitor combat performance data to determine next steps with regards to the AI specifically. We want to be careful and avoid making any premature changes that will negatively impact the combat experience.

Next War

We are going to make some adjustments to the next War to increase attack advantage and provide a more dynamic combat experience.

The changes you can expect to see to the strongholds in this weekend’s war are:

  • Mansion –   attackers receive +20% Attack

  • Weapon Smith –   attackers gain +40 Crit

  • Water Tower –   attackers receive +5 AP

After the War, we will continue to monitor both the data and everyone’s feedback to ensure that we are providing the best battle experience we can, and make adjustments if necessary.

Thank You

We cannot thank everyone enough for your loyalty and patience with us as we continue to build out this game. Your feedback is invaluable and we encourage everyone to keep letting us know about your experiences. Thank you all for making this such an awesome community to be a part of.


The Walking Dead Team