TWD:RTS – 20.0.2 Patch Notes

We’re excited to announce new features with the 20.0.2 version of TWD RTS so it is time to update to enjoy them!

New Features

  • Mission Events
    • Introduction of limited time solo and faction event missions.
    • New mission variety and functionality
    • New Daily Missions and rewards
    • Achievements tab moved to Player Profile Title tab
    • Journal tab moved to Player Profile Title tab

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a building would visually disappear while swapping buildings in town before confirming the new location
  • Fixed an issue where Targeted Offer pop-ups could display in locations other than the World Map, Town Map, or Roadmap
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to access an old War Leaderboard would result in being stuck on an error pop-up
  • Fixed an issue where low placed players could get an empty reward from a Walker Horde event
  • Fixed an issue where players can’t change Faction Assault characters when they’ve been defeated
  • Fixed a crash when using multi-purchase mystery bags in League Shop
  • Fixed an issue with Weapon Effects and Adrenaline Rushes that change Attack Trait get the character stuck as that new trait
  • Fixed a crash when leveling up character
  • Fixed a crash when leaderboard avatar is missing
  • Fixed an issue with Heal Over Time bypassing the Maim cap
  • Fixed a crash on some roadmaps victory screens
  • Fixed a crash in combat when no target os found in PvP battle


  • The Leagues page will now automatically scroll to the user’s position when the Leagues screen is accessed
  • Added the ability to buy multiples of an item from the League Store at once