Greeting Survivors,

Thank you for participating in this past weekend’s Tournament of Champions All Out War qualifier. After a hard-fought War, we have identified 32 qualifying regions based on total points scored. Read below for additional details on the Tournament of Champions and congratulations to all qualifying regions!

Tournament of Champions Overview

Tournament of Champions is a region-based Cross-Region War tournament. Based on performance from the qualifying War, we’ve identified 32 regions that will be placed into a bracket-style tournament where one region will War head-to-head against another region, with the winner moving on to the next round. At the end of the tournament there will be one region left standing as the final victor.

Tournament Format

Below is the format that will be used throughout the tournament:

  • 32 Regions are broken into 4 groups in a bracket-style elimination format.
  • The winner of each group (4 regions) will compete in the Final Round.
  • 6v6 Cross-Region War between two regions (see bracket below)
  • Duration of each War: 24 hours


Participation in the Tournament of Champions will give players an exciting milestone reward buff. All regions that make it through to each round will get a % increase in all event milestone rewards for a limited period of time (see table below for details).

Winner ofToC Qualifying RegionsRound 1 WinnersRound 2 WinnersRound 3 WinnersFinals Round Winner
Reward Increase Period7/8 – 7/147/15 – 7/287/29 – 8/118/12 – 8/258/26 – 9/1
# Regions3216841
% Increase15%25%50%75%100%

The milestone reward buff is for all players on a region, regardless of a player’s participation or performance in the tournament. The further a region advances in the tournament, the longer and better their milestone reward buff is.

All of the following events will benefit from the Milestone Reward buff:

  • Solo & Faction Level Up Tournament
  • Solo & Faction Raid Tournament
  • Solo & Faction Survival Road Tournament
  • All War Tournaments (CRW, AOW and Blitz War)

Note on the Finals Round: The final round of the tournament will be fought by the four regions that win their respective groups. This means that the finals will not be fought by two regions, but rather, four regions in a Cross-Region War.

Tournament of Champions Cross-Region War Round Schedule

  • Round 1: 7/13
  • Round 2: 7/27
  • Round 3: 8/10
  • Finals: 8/24

Bracket Matchups