Welcome to the Last Words multi-week event, where you’ll solve clues, complete missions and collect letters to earn S-Class collectible items.

The Last Words event can be found and tracked in the EVENT TAB of Missions. Players will need to complete missions that reward LETTERS that will spell out specific WORDS. Collecting letters and spelling out complete words will give players exciting rewards!

Last Words Event Overview- Solve the Clues!

To complete the Last Words mission event, you will need to solve clues provided within each mission’s description to earn each letter in the designated word. For example, in the first word – “Deputy” – the clue for Y is “Yellow (Level Up)”. To complete this mission, you will need to level up Fast (“Yellow”) characters 20 times in order to unlock your letters.

Some clues are more difficult than others. The most challenging clues are designated by an asterisk “*” and have a special roadmap that will provide additional hints. In these roadmaps, pay attention to the details, as there may be specific weapons of relevance, characters that you will need to defeat, or fighters to level up and upgrade in order to complete the mission. The rewards from these Roadmaps can also be relevant in solving clues. For example, one of the Roadmaps may reward a Fighter that needs to be leveled up to complete a mission.

To start you off, we’re giving you the solution to the first challenge letter of the event (D* is for Defeat); to complete this mission, defeat 6* Green “normal” Shiva 10 times in combat. Note that Holiday Shiva will not be counted for this mission.

Work together with your Faction to solve all of the clues. Pay close attention and experiment to solve for each letter but be careful – some clues may not be exactly what you think!

Premium Letters Missions

There is a second set of missions under the “Letters Premium Event”, that works similarly to the Last Words event, except letters are not earned through missions but instead found in various other parts of the game. While letters earned in Last Words Missions will count towards Premium Letters progress, players may find additional letters in the following areas:

  1. Premium “Letter” Roadmaps
    1. Premium Letter Roadmaps will appear randomly, use PvE energy and will require Red Quills to open (Red Quills can be acquired in the Shop and via rank rewards in certain Arenas for some leagues). These roadmaps will reward a single, specific letter that’s specified in the roadmap’s title.
  2. Orange Quills
    1. Orange Quills allow players to pick the letter of their choosing applicable to the Letters Premium Event; these letters will apply to active Premium and Last Words missions. Orange Quills can be found in the Shop Offers tab and Arenas Prizes. Survivor Club members will be gifted one Orange Quill per segment (more on segments below).
  3. Arenas
    1. Letters will drop from Arenas battles throughout the course of the Last Words event. Arenas drop rates range from ~1.4% to 8.5% depending on the letter; some letters may not be usable during the event.
    2. Orange and Red Quills will also be included in certain Arena’s rank rewards. Champions Arenas will drop Letters, but will not include any Quills in rank rewards.

The three Premium segments are as follows (more on the segment specifics further below). Completing each quoted word earns players a Gold Arrow.

  1. “Days” “Gone” “By”
  2. “Miles” “Behind” “Us”
  3. “Safety” “Behind” “Bars” 

Premium Rewards are as follows. Note that Gold Arrows will be made available for players who are unable to collect enough in prior segments, however, they may be more expensive or difficult to acquire as the event progresses.

  • 4 Gold Arrows: Choice of 1000x of Blue Keys, Ice Cream Cones, Chocolate Cake Slices, Bullets, Vanilla Cake Slices, Aarav Cards, Secretary Guo Cards
  • 6 Gold Arrows: 5x Random Gold Max Mods
  • 9 Gold Arrows: 5* Ascendable Mr. Jones featuring Infection

For additional information, please refer to the “i” button found in each Mission Event.

Last Words Event Timeline Details

  • Start Date: Mon 11/11/19 1 PM PST
  • End Date: Sun 11/24/19 10 PM PST
  • Rewards Mission Closes:  Tues 11/26 12 AM PST

Last Words will take place over 3 segments lasting 4 days each (while the last segment will last approximately 5 days). Three main missions will be available throughout the event; note that the “Last Words Event” and “Letters Premium Event” will expire at the end of their respective segment, however, the “Letters Premium Rewards Event” will run throughout the entire event.

  1. Last Words Missions, which will track the player progress made towards completing words and award individual letters via gameplay
  2. Letters Premium Missions, which will track the player progress made towards completing short thematic phrases plus Orange Quill acquisition
  3. Letters Premium Rewards Missions, which will track the player total event progress for the  Premium Mission event (via the acquisition of collectibles)

Letters and Orange Quills collected will only count for the active segment. This means that if you collect the letter “A” and 1x Orange Quill in Segment 1, your progress will not carry over to Segment 2 or 3. If you need another “A” in Segment 2 or 3, you will need to collect another during that segment. 

  • Red Quills will persist across segments. So if you have extra from the first segment, you can continue to use them throughout the remaining segments
    • The last Red Quill roadmap will end at 10 PM with the event. Only 1 Premium Roadmap will be running for the last 12 hours of the event; if you have excess Red Quills, you will need to use them before this roadmap expires. 

Red Quill roadmaps will appear at random intervals with varying durations. Please do not be alarmed if a Red Quill roadmap is not currently active or available. Completing these roadmaps will provide the letter reflected in the Roadmap title.