Greetings Survivors,

Are you ready for the next AoW upcoming war?


  • Starts: Friday 10 am 11/15
    • AoW – New Realms
  • Ends:  Sunday 5 pm 11/17
  • Map: Hilltop
  • Matchmaking: 6v6


  • Mansion:
  • Tough Attackers get 20% increased attack
  • Weapon Smith:
  • Alert Attackers get 20% increased Crit
  • Water Tower
  • Strong & Fast Attackers get a medium? boost to AP when attacking


Rank Rewards123
112 Choice Box6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses6 War Choice Box A
29 Choice Box5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses5 War Choice Box A
38 Choice Box5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses4 War Choice Box A
4-77 Choice Box4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses3 War Choice Box A
8-105 Choice Box4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses2 War Choice Box A
11-154 Choice Box2 Lilith & 2 Ulysses1 War Choice Box B
16-203 Choice Box1 Lilith & 1 Ulysses1 War Choice Box A
21-302 Choice Box50/50 Lilith or Ulysses1 War Choice Box C
31-501 Choice Box1 Ultra Rare Trainer5000 5-Star Recruit Token


Each choice boxes will contain the following items to choose from:

Choice Box
50 Blue Key
50 Ice Cream Cone
50 Chocolate Cake Slice
50 Bullet
50 Vanilla Cake Slice
50 Aarav Card

War Choice Box AWar Choice Box BWar Choice Box C
200 War Tokens300 War Tokens10 War Tokens
50 Half Rotten Head75 Half Rotten Head5 Half Rotten Head


1 000500 Elite Item Tokens1 Bronze Mod10 Red Velvet Cake Slice
5 0001500 Elite Item Tokens2 Silver Mods25 Red Velvet Cake Slice
10 0002000 Elite Item Tokens1 Gold or Silver Mod50 Red Velvet Cake Slice
25 0004 War Choice Box C2 Gold Mods115 Red Velvet Cake Slice
50 0006 War Choice Box C1 Arena Ticket1 Canteen
100 0008 War Choice Box C2 Arena Tickets1 GPS
150 00012 War Choice Box C


Realm NameWave
Barnwell (EN)3AOW
Richland (PT)3AOW
Saluda (ES)3AOW
Cannon (EN)3AOW
Dyer (EN)3AOW
Hamilton (TR)3AOW