Hello Survivors,

Exciting changes will be arriving tomorrow (11/27) to Survival Road Tournaments! To add additional depth to Survival Road Tournaments, there will now be 3 different tournament modes that can apply to both solo and faction SRT:

Survival Road: Normal – Normal Mode will not include any changes to the current Survival Road Tournament format.

Survival Road: Hard – Hard Mode will be shorter than Normal mode, will contain more difficult enemies and provide more valuable rewards.

Survival Road: Nightmare – Nightmare Mode will be the ultimate Survival Road challenge! Each stage will reward 1 point and 1 additional bonus point for the first completion of the stage. The number of stages and difficulty can vary from tournament to tournament. Rewards will be the most robust in Nightmare Mode versus all other Survival Road Tournament formats.

Every Survival Road tournament moving forward will be one of the three above formats. We hope you enjoy these changes!