Greetings Survivors! We want to give you all an update on the current status of some of the live issues and improvements in the game we are currently working on. Thank you all for your feedback and patience over the past few weeks!

Survival Road:

The past week we’ve seen increasing feedback that Daily Survival Road is currently too challenging. Upon further investigation we discovered an issue that reverted our balance changes that occurred around two weeks ago, making Survival Road much harder than it should be. This issue should be fixed by the end of the day today (12/10), and everyone should see stats on Survival Road enemies drop drastically.

Territories Reloads:

With the Armories update, the team implemented a fix to reduce the instances of Territories reloads when engaging with the feature. We are currently tracking the effectiveness of this change, but are excited to report that we are seeing a significant decrease in certain types of territories reloads. We will continue to investigate ways to make this feature as consistent as possible.

Weapons Territories Critical Success Display:

A display issue that would appear when weapons crafting territories were held was corrected. It should be noted that the functionality for weapon crafting has not changed, only the display.

Optional Parts in 5 Weapon Basic Stat Schematics:*

To make 5* weapons crafting more accessible to all players, we are removing the requirement to use 5* Optional Parts on Basic Stat crafts on 5* weapons. Now all schematics that craft Basic Stats on Epic Weapons should use Ultra Rare or Rare parts. Expect to see this change live in-game today!

We appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to fix these issues quickly. As thanks for your understanding, we will be giving ALL players the following gift within the next 48 hours:

  • 3 Survival Road Energy
  • 3 Engine Grease
  • 3 Blowtorches
  • 1 Varnish
  • 10,000 Armory Tokens

Below are some, but not all, of the other Live Issues we are currently working on:

IssueFix Date
Territories reloadsReload Mitigation is live
Absolute Defense not triggering consistentlyFix is live
Active Skills not firing on the correct turn on defenseFix is live
Various recover penalty active skills not working consistentlyFix is live
Crash occurring when crafting with the Blowtorch Optional PartFix is live
Draft Arena causing crashes for some playersFix is live
Localization errors impacting some non-English language weaponsFix is live
Crash occurring when going through the 5 star weapons tutorialFix is live
Survival Road Difficulty enemies having increased statsFix 12/10/19 end of day
Various 5* weapon swapping bugs in ArenasEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19
Tough Amplification Level 4 Maim weapon effect working inconsistentlyEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19
Fast Resistance Level 4 Reflect weapon effect working inconsistentlyEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19
Strong Amplification Level 4 Bonus Damage against Stunned targets effect working inconsistentlyEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19
Critical crafting success number display issueEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19
Various miscellaneous combat issuesEstimate: By Friday 12/13/19