Greetings Survivors,

As part of ongoing efforts to maintain a fair and balanced competitive game environment, we have begun issuing a series of punitive actions this week against players found to have violated our Terms of Service via various cheats and exploits.

Prior to the upcoming War of Champions (Feb, 7), we will be taking the following actions:

  1. War of Champions Bans & Account Suspensions – Some players will be banned from War of Champions and / or receive temporary suspensions over War of Champions weekend for violating our Terms of Service. These players will be notified in-game next week.
  2. Permanent Bans – In addition to Account Suspensions, we have identified approximately 350 additional cheaters who have been permanently banned from the game. (Includes both players who did and did not qualify for War of Champions)
  3. Faction Lead Notifications – War of Champions qualified faction leads will receive an in-game message notifying them of the number of faction members that will receive bans/suspensions leading up to War of Champions the week of 1/20. Please expect to receive this message no later than Friday 1/24.
  4. Free Agents Added to War of Champions – A screened list of the top-175 scoring players from 1A regions (across qualifying CRWs) not currently in qualified War of Champions factions will be posted. These players will receive individual War of Champions invitations as “free agents”. War of Champions qualified factions are encouraged to reach out to and coordinate with these players to help recoup any losses (via bans or other types of attrition). These players will be notified in-game next week.

We have decided to take these steps to help minimize the strain placed on factions who will need to replace faction members who may be banned or suspended for War of Champions. We take cheating very seriously and intend to preserve the integrity of our premier event through these actions.

As a reminder, players who are found violating our Terms of Service with regards to cheating may have their accounts suspended or banned at any time and without warning. For more information, check out our Terms of Service here.