Here is our current status on Wave Transfers:

  • All Wave 1 regions are enabled for both Outbound and Inbound transfers until War of Champions 3 qualifiers begin.
  • All other wave regions (except excluded, see below.) are outbound enabled until War of Champions 3 qualifiers begin.
  • When War of Champions 3 Qualifiers begin, Wave 1A regions will become inbound only, while Wave 1B will remain inbound and outbound enabled, all others will remain outbound enabled.
  • Following War of Champions 3, all waves will have the opportunity to transfer among or above their current wave (similar to post-WoC 2 transfers)

We are still working on finalizing the War of Champions qualifier dates, so we will make sure to share more once we have more concrete info.

Excluded regions:

Barnwell (EN)

Richland (PT)

Saluda (ES)

Cannon (EN)

Dyer (EN)

Hamilton (TR)


Bledsoe (EN)

Echols (EN)

Calhoun (EN)