S-class characters are a class apart (pun intended), so we wanted to make sure that is more obvious in our game.

To add a little bit more pazzazz and make S-Class characters stand out more against their 6* counterparts, we’ll be introducing some new visual upgrades in our next update.

S-Class Badge will show on characters in wheels and teams

When previewing the contents of a wheel, the S-class badge will be clearly visible beside the character to help them stand out more. We’ll also be adding it into the team list view, to help you instantly identify them.

S-Class characters will have a purple aura

Currently they shared an orange aura with the 6* characters, but now they will have their own distinguishable and suitably epic aura in the character wheels and other areas of the game.

S-Class characters will have purple rarity stars

To follow suit with the aura upgrade, the rarity stars of S-Class characters will now also be purple, instead of orange like the 6* characters.

Basic token opens limit increase

The update will also include an increase to the maximum amount of basic tokens you can open in one go. Just a small quality of life upgrade.

We hope this visual upgrade will help elevate our S-Class characters and help them stand out from the crowd.