There’s something strange going on… everyone is acting strange, talking about some sort of mythical Infinite Wheel, there’s a faint waft of maple syrup in the air and the only person that seems to be making any sense is Kenny… and that’s never a good sign.

Well, when the going gets tough, you know what you got to do! 

Keep on Surviving!

Event Overview

  • Start Date: 4/1/2020 10:00AM
  • End Date:  4/3/20 5:00PM

Step 1: “Obtain the Infinite Token”

You will be required to complete a Nightmare difficulty Roadmap in order to obtain the Infinite Wheel Token… but there is a catch!

You will only be allowed 2-Star characters to complete it. But don’t worry, Kenny is here to help!

2-Star Only Nightmare Roadmap

  • 3 Stages
  • 10 energy per stage
  • Requires 2-Star Characters
  • 6-Star Tier 4 Kenny is an ally
  • Reward: Infinite Wheel Token

Step 2: “The Wheel that Keeps on Giving”

Once you have obtained the all-powerful Token, it’s time to approach the Infinite Wheel! Using your token on the wheel can reward you with the most fantastic rewards, rumored to blur the line between realities… but mostly it just gives you more tokens.

Your goal here is to complete the “Keep On Surviving’” mission in order to obtain the Ice Cream Sundae of legend and unlock the @* Roadmap

Open the Infinite Wheel 1 Times100 Infinite Wheel Tokens
Open the Infinite Wheel 100 Times6* Kenny
Open the Infinite Wheel 200 Times1x Ice Cream Sundae

Step 3: “These Aren’t My Ornaments”

The final roadmap lies ahead! The @* Roadmap.

Your final mission requires you to farm the @* Roadmap for Wendys to redeem the Supreme Crate!

Collect 5 WendysSupreme Crate

@* Roadmap

  • 3 Stages
  • 5 energy per stage
  • Requires 2* Characters
  • 6* Tier 4 Kenny is an ally
  • Wendy is in battle drops
  • Reward: 250 S-Class Collectibles Choice box (Limit: 1)
S-Class Collectibles Choice Box Contents
Choice of 250 of:
Blue Keys
Ice Cream Cones
Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Cake
Guo Cards
Aarav Cards
Wangfa Cards
Princess Cards

Supreme Crate: a chance at the following rewards, ordered by rarity.

Armory Token20,000
Gold Attack Mod Box25
Gold Crit Mod Box25