Hello Survivors,

Today, 4/10/2020, the S-Class collections for Pete Anderson, Priya, Laopo, Hengyen, Minerva and Raulito have had their corresponding required collectibles updated from Blue Keys, Ice Cream Cones, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, Bullets or Buttons to their individual character cards. We will be starting conversions of the collectibles on Monday (as communicated in the original S-Class Collectibles Standardization blog post.)

In the next few hours, we will be making new museum collections available that will allow players to swap out their old collectibles for cards for those players that do not want to wait for the automatic swaps scheduled for next week. There will be 6 separate collections that will allow 100 of the old collectables to be exchanged for 100 of the new S-Class cards for the corresponding character. This collection will be limited to 99 redemptions. These collections will be removed once we start processing the automatic collectable swaps on Monday, 4/13 at approximately 9am PDT, to prevent any additional complications.

As a note, when the automated collectible clean up begins on Monday, this process will take up to 3 days (starting 4/13). During this time, some players may see their collectibles updated before other players in their regions/factions, which is expected.

As we realize that this collectible swap has caused confusion for many players, we will be sending out a gift to all players after the full standardization process is completed, tentatively scheduled for 4/17/2020. Please expect to hear more details about this gift as we get closer to the conclusion of the collectible standardization process.

Thank you for your patience.