Greetings Survivors, 

Tomorrow, 6/24/2020, at approximately 9am PDT our 25.0 update is going fully live! We are excited to share this update with all of you and have made some helpful additions after listening to all of your feedback:

  1. ALL Fighters that are converted into new trainers will now have their experience values boosted by ~10%! We’ve heard that only 4* and 5* fighters having their experience boosted was not enough, so we’ve doubled the original bonus and extended it to all Fighters. Fighters will receive this bonus immediately upon being converted to trainers.
  1. We are launching our surprise Trainer Frenzy launch event! Grind the last stage of 3 different roadmaps for collectables to redeem in the Black Market for over 100 Trainers of varying types. Don’t miss out on this event before it disappears! To celebrate the launch of 25.0 and help you get through the roadmaps we will also be sending 5 World Energy Refills to all players.

Please continue to provide us with feedback on this update and we hope you enjoy the new and improved level up process.