As all of our major Factions gear up for the upcoming War of Champions III Qualifiers, we are happy to announce that we have successfully completed our latest check for players which have violated our Terms of Service via various cheats and exploits. 

The appropriate actions have already been taken, so your factions should now be ready to prepare for the war efforts ahead. Players that were disqualified for WoC II but are currently in good standing will be eligible to participate in WoC III.

We hope our efforts will provide for a much smoother prep for all factions and make our WoC III Qualifiers a more hassle free event.

However, cheaters be warned! We’ll still keep a watchful eye and will take action where necessary. Any accounts found to be violating our Terms of Service with regards to cheating may have actions taken against them to and including the suspension or permanent ban of the account, at any time and without warning. For more information, check out our Terms of Service here.

We take cheating very seriously. It’s very important to us to foster a fair and competitive environment within Road to Survival and thus we will continue to locate and action on accounts found violating our Terms of Service.