War never changes… but shops do! We’re preparing some major quality of life updates coming soon to our game, and the first one we want to show you is our brand new Shop!

We’ve revamped the Shop to have a new look and feel and provide you with an easier time navigating and finding exactly what you want.

In addition to the Shop update, Camouflage has been updated! Any characters with Camouflage will still retain all benefits the skill previously had, however, characters with Camouflage can now no longer be hit by splash damage from auto-attacks and rushes! Try out this new, powerful effect by picking up Mike and Zhu from the Beta Season Store. You can test them out in the beta exclusive “Firewood Roadmap”!

But first things first! We need some volunteers to make sure everything is ship-shape and ready for sale (pun intended). 

Join our Beta Program, be the first to check out our brand new Shop and give us a hand while you’re at it! We’ve added a few missions to help guide you through all the new features.

All the details you need to join are right here in this handy blog.

NOTE: Beta is currently only available to Android users.

Join our Beta and check out our new Shop today!