This year, we are hard at work at bringing you some highly requested quality of life changes to our game, and we are happy to release the first of many to come!

Our New Shop

The star of our update is our new shop layout. No longer will you need to navigate several different areas of the game to spend your hard-earned currencies.

You will now be able to navigate all the different shops in the game by accessing the main shop in-game. A new series of sections will be available in the left hand side to easily navigate between them, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. We also have a new addition to the team: the Black Market.

The Black Market

This is a new and mysterious section of our shop that will frequently change what it has to offer, so it is wise to keep an eye on it.

In the Black Market you will be able to find trades, available for a limited time and stock each, where you can exchange all sorts of tokens, items, resources and other collectibles for rewards. We will mainly put this to use during events, but keep an eye out for other interesting trades that might become available.

We will help you get better acquainted with the Black Market soon with an upcoming event, so stay tuned!

We will continue to improve the shop in future updates, but in the meantime we hope our new “one-stop-shop” approach will make your lives a little bit easier.

Bonus round: Claim All!

Although not as immediately noticeable as the shop, another nifty quality of life addition in our update is the ability to claim all the rewards from your inbox just by pressing the new “Claim All” button.

One click, all sorted.