Double War Energy this Weekend!

As part of our continued #PlayApartTogether, we’re implementing a few changes to our Cross Region War planned for this weekend, to ensure you can just purely focus on enjoying it and make sure you can make the most of it, increasing your chances at collecting rewards for our Hell Hath No Fury Event.

Double War Energy Regeneration Rate

That’s right! For the entire duration of this War, your energy will regenerate at 200% the usual rate. The energy cap will remain the same, so make sure to use it quickly!

Faster regeneration means more attacking opportunities, so rally your Faction mates and get ready for one of the frenziest Cross Region Wars in memory!

Not a Qualifier for War of Champions

We’re aware that due to a recent update, a few players on iOS are still having issues, which we are still working hard to resolve as soon as possible. 

So, in order to alleviate the stress and potential handicap this could mean for some factions, this Cross Region War will not count as a Qualifier for War of Champions 3.

Overall this means our Qualifiers will now only consist of 2 Qualifier CRWs, with no overall changes to how each CRW will perform. We will update our War of Champions Qualifiers info post to reflect these changes.


Our main intention with these changes is to make sure our War event remains something enjoyable that you can do with your Faction as we #PlayApartTogether and continue with our social distancing efforts.

By increasing your energy regeneration and reducing the potential stress of a Qualifier round, we hope this will allow you to just have some fun with your Faction and wreak havoc. 

Region Transfer Window Extended

The current transfer window communicated in the previous War of Champions post will be extended until the 5/8 Cross Region War