Introducing League Campaigns!

Leagues has been a key part of the Walking Dead: Road to Survival experience since its introduction in the fall of 2018. It was one of the best-received features we’ve ever released. However, we believe the Leagues experience has become a bit stale as time has passed. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking to the community about Leagues, making sure we understand what’s working and what’s not. Now that we are wrapping up Season 10, we are ready to tell you more about what’s coming next for Solo Leagues! We’re calling it League Campaigns, and they will start with Season 11 on Monday June 1st.

Before we get into the details of League Campaigns, we want to share the core elements of Solo Leagues that we think work well. These are things we want to double down on with our new League Campaigns:

  1. Coin rewards: Leagues is the only place in the game where players can consistently earn coins from play, and we think that’s awesome. We want to increase your ability to earn coins in a more predictable way.
  2. Promotions: moving up Leagues is a key part of everyone’s progression. We want progression to be more consistent, be available to more players, and feel more rewarding.
  3. League-exclusive characters and rewards: exclusive characters, including S-Class, that you can only earn from Leagues are an important part of the experience. We want to continue to provide new characters for Leagues, and make them more accessible to all players. We also want to find new ways to create exclusive and exciting content for League rewards.
  4. League and Season store: the ability to earn high-end gear and weapon parts, as well as other key items from the League Store, is a huge part of how players are able to improve their characters. We want to increase your ability to earn League Tokens, and make sure that the Season store has exciting and valuable content to acquire. 

However, there are a number of parts of the League experience that we don’t love and are looking to change or tweak with League Campaigns:

  1. “Running in place”: Many players have reached a plateau in terms of their progression, and season-to-season it feels like you are working hard just to stay in the same place. We believe Leagues should more consistently offer the ability to progress up the Leagues ladders.
  2. Demotion incentives: Because many rewards, including coins, are only granted upon promotion, often it makes sense to place poorly in Qualifiers, or purposefully get demoted, in order to set up easier rewards. We believe this incentive perverts the competitive spirit of Leagues, and we think Leagues should offer better and more consistent incentives for advancement. We also think that the constant pressure not to get demoted in the top leagues can be too demanding. In sum, we think players who consistently perform well should be better rewarded, and players who engage with Leagues more passively should not be equally rewarded, but should not be otherwise penalized. 
  3. Inactive Leagues: in some of our lower leagues, league activity can be too low. We believe Leagues should be a more dynamic experience.
  4. Competing with your factionmates: competing against factionmates in Leagues/Arenas isn’t much fun. We want to make this less frequent throughout the League season.
  5. Raid/Territories grinding is a little too valuable: We think losing at the last minute to a player who stayed up all night grinding Raids is not a great experience, and de-emphasizes the value of tournament competition. We want to make grinding Raids and Territories a little less impactful on Leagues performance.

We’ve spent significant time thinking about how to preserve the spirit of Leagues, while making some much needed changes. Here is how Solo Leagues will change for League Campaigns, starting with Season 11:


  • All players who finished Season 10 in Gold, Platinum or Diamond will start Week 1 of Season 11 in Division 1 of Gold League. Players will be randomly sorted in their division at the start of the Season, with less frequent instances of guildmates / regionmates being placed together. 
  • Players who finished Season 10 below Gold will begin Season 11 based on their League and Division during the Home Stretch of Season 10. These players will be able to participate in League Campaigns once they reach Gold.
  • We have reduced the number of divisions in Platinum and Diamond. There will now be 3 Gold Divisions, 3 Platinum Divisions, and 3 Diamond Divisions, for a total of 9 divisions that participate in League Campaigns.
  • There will be no demotions in any League. Promotion ranges (the percentage of players in each bracket that will be promoted each week) have been adjusted. The Gold 1 promotion range is now 25%. All Leagues/Divisions above Gold 1 have been significantly increased to 30%-40%.
  • Season 11 will be a 10-week season. There will be no Solo Qualifiers, as all players who finished Season 10 in Gold and above will immediately start the Season in Division 1 of Gold. There will continue to be a Home Stretch during the final week of the season. What this means is that there will be 9 weeks where promotion will be possible, and 8 total promotions possible. 
  • The number of players in most leagues has been increased, ranging from approximately 250 players in Gold to 100 players in Diamond.
  • Raid Battles will now award a base value of 10 Trophies per win (before team strength multipliers), while Territories Battles will now award a base value of 5 Trophies per win.
  • Arenas have been modified to conform to the new Season 11 structure, including:
    • Gold League Arenas now have the same milestones as Platinum and Diamond
    • Arena Rank Rewards have been improved for Gold Leagues and above
    • Larger Champion’s Arenas
  • NOTE: Faction Leagues will not change in Season 11. Factions will start Season 11 in the same Faction League they were in during the Season 10 Home Stretch. There will continue to be a qualification period in the first week for the starting division, however this qualification period will apply to Faction Leagues only. 

In combination, the changes above are intended to focus the Leagues Campaign experience on consistent progression, while significantly increasing the accessibility of that progression. 

We also want to make sure that progression in the new League Campaigns is extremely rewarding. Here are the changes coming to rewards in Season 11:


Coin and League Token rewards have been significantly increased for top ranks. 

  • We’ve provided more details below for the coin and league token rewards per league for  the top 10 ranks. 
  • Coin and league token rank rewards at Gold League and above have been scaled to more appropriately match performance.
  • All players who are promoted will receive coins in every League. All players in Diamond League will continue to earn coins regardless of rank or promotion. 


In addition to Rank Rewards, all players who receive promotions into Gold II and higher will now receive additional guaranteed promotion awards via new “League Campaigns” Missions as follows, including new Leagues Exclusive S-Class Jason:

League ReachedReward IReward IIReward III
Gold IIEpic Jason10,000 League Tokens100,000 Ascension Medals
Gold IIILegendary Jason15,000 League Tokens150,000 Ascension Medals
Platinum I2,000 S-Class Jason Cards20,000 League Tokens150 Legendary Medals
Platinum II2,000 S-Class Jason Cards25,000 League Tokens10 Ultra Rare Trainers
Platinum III2,000 S-Class Jason Cards30,000 League Tokens10 War Energy Refills
Diamond I3 Platinum Mods30,000 Armory Tokens3 Cutting Fluid
Diamond II3 Varnish30,000 Armory Tokens3 Engine Grease
Diamond IIILifesteal Paragon Mod30,000 Armory Tokens3 Blowtorch

All players who reach Platinum Division III during Season 11 will be able to fully claim S-Class Jason. Note that S-Class Jason will be redeemable in the Museum, and that additional S-Class Jason Cards will be made available in the Season Store in future Seasons. Also note that Epic, Legendary, and S-Class Jason will require Letterman Jackets and Baseball Caps to tier up.


  • The Season 11 Season Token store has been modernized for S-Class content and will now include the following:
  • NEW Season 11 Exclusive Weapon “Jason’s Assault Rifle” (60,000 Season Tokens)
  • Mia’s Pistol – Five Star Weapon –  (90,000 Season Tokens)
  • Up to 2,500 Tiffany Cards (5,000 Season Tokens per 500 Cards)
  • Up to 2,500 Princess Cards (5,000 Season Tokens per 500 Cards)
  • Up to 60 Letterman Jackets ( 750 Season Tokens per item)
  • Up to 80 Baseball Caps (350 Season Tokens per item)
  • All Platinum League Store items with the exception of the Platinum League Modbox will now be available for players in Gold League (including GPS, Canteens and Varnish)


  • Paragon Mods are exclusive, high-power mods that will be awarded during Season 11 to players who rise to the top by reaching Diamond Division 3, via the corresponding League Campaign Mission.
  • Paragon Mods are a high-power variant of Platinum Mods. While they share set bonuses with Platinum Mods, they have stats and components that are guaranteed (no “RNG”) and are provided at higher values.
  • Paragon Mods have stats and effects that exceed regular Platinum Mods. There will be one new Paragon mod introduced in Season 11 — players who reach Diamond Division 3 will receive a Paragon Lifesteal mod. For comparison:
    • A regular Platinum Lifesteal Mod with “Maximum” outcomes on all three slots will restore 225 HP upon attacking
    • The Paragon Lifesteal mod will restore 800 HP upon attacking
  • Players who reach Diamond Division 3 will be able to choose which set their Paragon Mod belongs to (Attack, Defense, Crit Damage, or HP)
  • Paragon Mods are not intended to replace Platinum mods, and for now, they will not be available elsewhere in the game — they are intended to be a special reward for those who reach the pinnacle of competition.
    • Paragon mods have a unique blue/pink color scheme, and their stat contribution will show up in a pink color in enemy fighter dossiers. Check out the example below:

PLEASE NOTE: All reward values and types are subject to change in future Seasons.


RANK 1 COINS120012001200120012001200180020002500


RANK 1 LT 8000900010000125001500020000450005000055000


To celebrate 10 Seasons of Leagues and usher in Season 11, we have made free Season Gifts available to players currently in Platinum and Diamond Leagues. Players who are currently in Diamond League will be able to claim both the Platinum and Diamond League Gift, available in the League Store before the end of the Season 10 home stretch:

  • Diamond League Gift
    • 30,000 League Tokens
    • 10,000 Armory Tokens
    • 1 Blowtorch
    • 1 Cutting Fluid
    • 1 Varnish
    • 20 Veteran Rings
  • Platinum League Gift
    • 20,000 League Tokens
    • 150,000 Ascension Medals
    • 150 Legendary Medals
    • 10 Veteran Rings

Additionally, in celebration of our players who have shown a consistent dedication in their relentless Leagues progress, we wanted to create some special rewards. 

For those players who consistently finished in Diamond over the first 10 League Seasons, we will be sending the following rewards via delivery to their inbox this week:

Diamond League Achievement Rewards

  • Final placement in Diamond League in at least 3 but no more than 6 Seasons (including Season 10)
    • “S-Class Gear Cache” featuring enough gear choice boxes to fully level an S-Class (5 GPS, 5 Canteen, Choicebox for 30 Double Holster, Magazine Bandolier, Hockey Mask, or Whetstone, etc.)
  • Final placement in Diamond League in at least 7 but no more than 9 Seasons (including Season 10)
    • S-Class Gear Cache
    • 1,200 S-Class Card Choice Box, including:
      • Princess Cards
      • Mercer Cards
      • Minerva Cards
      • Frost Cards
      • Clem Cards
      • Davie Cards
      • Shiva Cards
      • Gentlemen Cards
  • Final placement Diamond League in all 10 Seasons
    • S-Class Gear Cache
    • 40 Benedict Trainers
    • 5,000 S-Class Card Choice Box, including:
      • Princess Cards
      • Mercer Cards
      • Minerva Cards
      • Frost Cards
      • Clem Cards
      • Davie Cards
      • Shiva Cards
      • Gentlemen Cards

Finally, we wanted to also acknowledge the incredible achievements of those players who consistently finished seasons in the very top of the Diamond, finishing in the Diamond 5 Division multiple times throughout the 10 Seasons of Leagues. In addition to any Diamond League Achievements they will receive, these players will also receive the following rewards via delivery to their inbox this week:

Diamond Division 5 Achievement Rewards

  • Final placement in Diamond Division 5 in at least 3 but no more than 4 Seasons (including Season 10)
    • 4,500 Coins
  • Final placement in Diamond Division 5 in at least 5 but no more than 9 Seasons (including Season 10)
    • 10,000 Coins
  • Final placement in Diamond Division 5 in all 10 Seasons
    • 20,000 Coins

Congratulations to our Diamond lifetime achievement players, and thank you to all our players who participated in the first 10 seasons of Leagues! We’re looking forward to your feedback on our new League Campaigns and Season 11.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Team