Hello Survivors,

Today, as most of you have noticed, we entered into an unscheduled maintenance period. The reason for this was an error that took place during the launch of Season 11 of Faction Leagues where factions were inadvertently qualified into Faction League positions that they had not earned.

In order to facilitate a speedy return to play, we will not be able to restart the Faction Qualification period. As such, we have decided to move all Factions to the Faction League Division in which they finished Season 10, and begin Season 11 with a normal promotion/demotion stretch. For example: if at the conclusion of Season 10 your faction finished in Platinum III, your faction will be competing in Platinum III for the first week of Season 11 and will be eligible for promotion or demotion as normal, based on the total Faction Trophies earned during the week. 

Unfortunately, it will take a few days for all factions to be moved to the correct Division. Some factions may notice the correction before others, however, we will notify everyone once all faction corrections have been completed. Any trophies earned by the faction prior to the move will carry over.

In Solo Leagues, while some players may have received some erroneous notifications around qualification, all eligible players will begin Season 11 in Gold 1 as planned.

As a result of the qualification issue, factions may receive minor varying amounts of qualification rewards for their erroneous qualifications, which we will not be removing. Due to these issues, we will also be providing all players 10,000 League Tokens and 4,000 Season Tokens. 

Please also note that the League Campaigns missions for Season 11 will become available before the end of the stretch but will not be immediately available.

In addition to this, we realize that this maintenance window has overlapped with the end of the Saviors Reckoning, causing some players to not finish the event in the position they would have had the event been available. Due to this, we will be providing all players with the following:

  • 6 Saviors Reckoning Choice Boxes. These each contain a choice of the following:
    • 50 Laopo Cards
    • 50 Wangfa Cards
    • 30 Mercer Cards
    • 30 Princess Cards
    • 20 The Gentleman Cards
    • 20 Shiva Cards
  • 1 Sanctuary Badge
  • 5 Saviors Keys
  • 2000 Armory Tokens

Finally, to make up for any additional inconvenience this may have caused, we will also be providing the following:

  • 2 Arena Tickets
  • 5 War Energy Refills
  • 5 Territory Energy
  • 5 World Cans
  • 100 Torches

Please expect all items above to be delivered via a free offer in the shop within the next 24 hours.

Museum Collections associated with the Saviors event will be extended until Thursday, June 4th at 4pm PST to allow all players to redeem their rewards.

Note: War of Champion eligible factions will be able to transfer to the War of Champions region starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 2nd, at 10 am PDT.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this issue.