Hello Survivors,

Based on your ongoing Leagues Campaign feedback, we are continuing to iterate on upcoming rewards to ensure that they are a fun and rewarding experience. With this in mind, we will be increasing the minimum coin rewards received by players in Platinum 1 and above!

These changes will become effective immediately, meaning that players currently in Platinum 1 can expect to receive the increased coin rewards if they achieve a rank currently eligible for coin rewards by the end of the current stretch. For Platinum 1, this means that players who finish rank 84 or higher will receive a minimum of 400 coins for the remainder of the season. Similar increases have been put in place for Diamond.

Based on current player performance, we expect the vast majority of players who began Season 11 in Gold 1 or higher to finish the season in Platinum 1 or higher. This means most players currently participating at this level can expect to benefit from this change by the end of the season.