Hello Survivors!

We’ve been monitoring your feedback around the House of Cards event and have seen that there have been numerous requests for additional ways to exchange the cards you’ve been working diligently to collect. As a result, we’re happy to announce that at 12:00PM PDT tomorrow, June 30th, we will be adding some additional options to the Black Market! Check them out below:

  • Item: 10 Aces
    • Cost: 60 Kings
    • Purchase Limit: 10
  • Item: Blowtorch
    • Cost: 20 Queens
    • Purchase Limit: 10
  • Item: Trainer Mystery Bag
    • Cost: 50 Jacks
    • Purchase Limit: 5
    • Mystery Bag Contents:
      Equal Chances at Obtaining
      • 30x Brady
      • 15x Basil
      • 10x Benedict

We hope you continue to enjoy House of Cards!