Hello Survivors,

With the start of the recent 4th of July event, an error was found in the July 4th (Solo) Event Missions where the “Use 332 Torches” objective is not tracking progress for torches used. This issue will persist throughout the remainder of the event. Due to this, we will be sending all players 2 Sparklers.

Additionally, there has been some confusion around the “Login for X Days” objectives. These objectives may have a delay from when you initially log in to when the mission progress will tick up. We realize this may cause issues at the end of the event, depending on when specific players log in. As a result, we will be sending all players an additional 3 Sparklers to cover the case where the mission may not be claimable before the July 4th (Solo) mission set expires.

Finally, as we realize this was not the ideal experience for this event, we will be sending all players 170 torches for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Please expect to receive all items via inbox within the next 24 hours.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of the July 4th event!