August is here and our Anniversary slowly approaches.

If our upcoming event wasn’t enough, we also want to help you enjoy your socially distancing summer, by sending some good vibes your way.

Each day you login during August, you’ll be able to claim a free gift on us. 

All you’ll need to do is head over to the store each day and claim your free reward.

Here’s what you can expect during the month:

August 1Burt10
August 2World Energy Refill3
August 3Benedict5
August 4Military Watch3
August 5Practice Dummy6
August 6Whetstone3
August 7Ulysses2
August 8Gear Markers10,000
August 9Armory Token5,000
August 10Legendary Medals300
August 11Weapon Tripod6
August 12Magazine Bandolier3
August 13Hand Crank Radio3
August 14Ascendance Medals250,000
August 15Food2,000,000
August 16War Energy Refill2
August 17Blowtorch2
August 18Military Watch3
August 19Sports Gauntlets6
August 20Food1,000,000
August 21Double Holster6
August 22Brady8
August 23Canteen2
August 24Varnish1
August 25Survival Road Energy2
August 26Food3,000,000
August 27Anniversary Box1
August 28World Energy Refill5
August 29Hockey Mask3
August 30GPS2
August 31Lilith5

Hope this helps in your survival efforts and expect more news on our upcoming Anniversary Event next week!