It’s time for the all singing and all dancing Anniversary Celebrations!

The gang also wants to celebrate a very special member of the team. For better or for worse, he’s grown to be a true asset in our ragged troop of survivors, even helping raise AJ into the fine hellraiser he is.

Yep, believe it or not, we’re throwing a party for Kenny! We’re keeping him away from preparations, but he’s asked to make sure the party area has lots of banners… lots…

Event Dates

Start Date: Tuesday, 8/4/20 5:00 PM PDT

End Date: Sunday, 8/30/20 5:00 PM PDT

Black Market and Stash End Date: Monday, 8/31/20 5:00 PM PDT

Event Overview

It’s our 5th Anniversary and we couldn’t let it go by without a bang!

And yes, it finally happened! S-Class Kenny is not only the star of the party but the actual reward for the event!

Your goal will be to collect as many Banners as you can, because Kenny looooves his banners. Collecting them will allow you to progress in the Main Mission Event. Why Banners? Don’t ask us, but Kenny insists you can’t have a party without banners. Just don’t pick at the logic too much and you’ll get some cake.

Compete in Tournaments, other events in the month and complete weekly missions to collect Banners. As you collect Banners, you will reach the milestones in the Main event mission, awarding Cakes.

You’ll also be able to trade in your Banners in the Black Market for Fifth Anniversary Tokens, allowing you to open the Fifth Anniversary Stash.

Cakes can also be traded in the Black Market for S-Class Kenny and other S-Class Cards.

For once, the cake is not a lie.

Gathering Banners

Gathering banners will be your main task in the event and you’ll have several sources to get them:

  • Free Daily Banners: Just for being you, you get 30 Banners a day for free in the shop.
  • Tournament Events: Completing milestones in select tournament during the Anniversary Event will grant you a nice stack of banners.
  • Weekly Missions: Each week, you’ll get a set of 6 missions to complete that will grant you banners. Don’t worry, we’ve kept the bar pretty low and you won’t have to go too out of your way to complete them. What? You say you’re a Survivors Club Member? Bully for you! You get an extra set of 5 Weekly missions to complete each week for extra banners!
  • Other Events: You’ll also be able to get banners by participating in our other events lined up for the month. Stay tuned for more info on these as we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Main Mission Event

As your heap of collected banners slowly grows, so will your Main Mission progress. 

Reaching specific milestones will grant you free Cakes for you to trade in the Black Market.

Main Mission MilestonesReward 
Collect 200 Anniversary Banners10 Cakes
Collect 400 Anniversary Banners15 Cakes
Collect 750 Anniversary Banners20 Cakes
Collect 900 Anniversary Banners25 Cakes
Collect 1200 Anniversary Banners30 Cakes
Collect 1500 Anniversary Banners35 Cakes
Collect 1800 Anniversary Banners40 Cakes
Collect 2100 Anniversary Banners50 Cakes
Collect 2500 Anniversary Banners75 Cakes
Collect 2800 Anniversary Banners80 Cakes
Collect 3000 Anniversary Banners100 Cakes
Collect 3500 Anniversary Banners120 Cakes
Collect 4000 Anniversary Banners150 Cakes
Collect 4500 Anniversary Banners175 Cakes
Collect 5000 Anniversary Banners200 Cakes
Collect 5500 Anniversary Banners230 Cakes
Collect 6000 Anniversary Banners260 Cakes
Collect 6500 Anniversary Banners280 Cakes
Collect 7000 Anniversary Banners300 Cakes
Collect 8,000 Anniversary Banners500 Cakes

Black Market

Now that you’re buried in Cakes and Banners, you’re probably wondering what to do with them.

Well head over to the Black Market to get some Stash Tokens, your very own S-Class Kenny or some S-Class Card Choice Boxes.

Note: Feel free to trade in any collected Banners as you won’t lose progress in your Main Mission.

Banner Trades

  • 60 Fifth Anniversary Token
    • Cost: 60 Banners
    • Stock: 100

Cake Trades

  • S-Class Kenny
    • Cost: 500 Cakes
    • Stock: 1
  • 120 Dylan Cards
    • Cost: 80 Cakes
    • Stock: 15
  • 120 Jacki Cards
    • Cost: 80 Cakes
    • Stock: 15
  • 120 Gentleman Cards
    • Cost: 80 Cakes
    • Stock: 15
  • 120 Mercer Cards
    • Cost: 80 Cakes
    • Stock: 15
  • 120 Rosita Cards
    • Cost: 40 Cakes
    • Stock: 15
  • 120 Clementine Cards
    • Cost: 40 Cakes
    • Stock: 15

Fifth Anniversary Stash

Our cherry on the top is the Fifth Anniversary Stash. Using the Fifth Anniversary Tokens to progress through the Stash opens, you’ll be able to claim a ton of useful rewards, to help get your S-Class Kenny up to speed, or give that extra boost to that character you’ve been slowly chipping away at.

You’ll find the stash packed with useful Gear, Trainers, Ascendance Medals and more.

AND if you manage to complete the stash before the event ends, you’ll get a special Fifth Anniversary Avatar for your collection.

Huh? You’re saying you finished the stash and still have tokens left? Then don’t worry! After completing the stash a first time, the Stash will reset, allowing you to progress through the stash and claim your rewards again! 

As you can see, we have some great rewards to help celebrate TWD: RTS’s 5th Anniversary, and we couldn’t end this without giving a massive thank you to all our players!

We’re humbled by how many of you have been with us throughout this entire journey and hope we can continue this incredible adventure for many years to come.

Enough with the soppiness, get ready for the celebrations and the arrival of S-Class Kenny!