A Whisperer War is upon us! However, this won’t be your conventional War experience. The Whisperers are notorious for their guerrilla tactics, striking fast and hard in a series of coordinated and timed raids, before disappearing without a trace.

Your team will have to adopt these tactics themselves in order to be victorious, striking in coordinated raids with your strongest teams and using your back up forces to hunt down the stragglers and recover any valuables they might be carrying. Time for your benched characters to shine!

Event Dates:

Start date: Tuesday 8/11 12:00 PM PDT

End Date: Tuesday 8/18 12:00 PM PDT

Event Overview:

To coordinate your attack, Raiding during specific time slots during the day will grant you Broken Whisperer Masks as a guaranteed raid drop.

The Raid times each day will be as follows:

  • Raid Time 1: 12:00 PM PDT – 03:00 PM PDT
  • Raid Time 2: 08:00 PM PDT – 11:00 PM PDT
  • Raid Time 3: 04:00 AM PDT – 07:00 AM PDT

Be sure to focus on those specific times as Broken Whisperer Masks will only drop as Raid rewards during the specified times.

Collecting Broken Whisperer Masks will make you progress in the Main Mission Event. Each milestone will reward you with some Anniversary Banners, along with World and Raid Energy refills.

The Broken Whisperer Masks will allow you to run the Whisperer War Roadmap, an old-school roadmap limited to 5 Star Characters and below. The Roadmap will reset each day and offer Gold Rings as act and stage rewards on the first completion. Stages can also be replayed in order to collect Gold Arrows which will drop during stages.

Once you’ve collected sufficient Gold Arrows and Gold Rings you’ll be able to trade them in the Black Market for S-Class Card Choice boxes, Weapons, and other useful items.

Main Mission Event

You will need to collect Broken Whisperer Masks by Raiding during the specified raid times above. 

Collected Broken Whisperer MasksReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
2503 Raid Energy Refills60 Anniversary Banners3 World Energy Refills
5003 Raid Energy Refills60 Anniversary Banners3 World Energy Refills
7503 Raid Energy Refills70 Anniversary Banners3 World Energy Refills
10003 Raid Energy Refills70 Anniversary Banners3 World Energy Refills

Whisperer War Roadmap

Collected Broken Whisperer Masks will be used as energy for the Whisperer War Roadmap.

This is an Old School Roadmap, limited to 5-star Characters and below.

The Roadmap will reset daily and you will be able to claim the Act and Stage rewards of Gold Rings once per day. Repeat stages to collect  Gold Arrows.

The Whisperer Roadmap details:

  • 1 Act: 4 Stages
  • Refreshes: 1 / Day
  • Difficulty: S4-S5
  • Characters allowed: 5 Star Characters or below
  • Energy Cost: 6 Broken Whisperer Masks per stage (24 total)
  • Act Reward: 4 Gold Rings
  • Stage Reward: 2 Gold Rings (first completion only, total 8)
  • Stage Drops: Golden Arrows

Black Market – Trade your Gold Rings and Arrows

You’ll be able to trade your earned Gold Rings and Gold Arrows for several rewards:

Gold Arrow Trades

Shiny Desert Eagle

  • Cost: 12,500 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 1

S-Class Choice Box:

  • 200 Princess Cards
  • 200 Davie Cards
  • 200 Laopo Cards
  • 200 Pete Cards
  • 200 Raulito Cards
  • 200 Wangfa Cards
  • Cost: 700 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 10

1,000 Armory Tokens

  • Cost: 200 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 10


  • Cost: 1,250 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 1

Engine Grease

  • Cost: 750 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 1

Blow Torch

  • Cost: 250 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 1


  • Cost: 100 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 50

1,000 Gear Markers

  • Cost: 100 Gold Arrows
  • Stock: 50

2000 Gold Arrows ( Survivors Club Members Only)

  • Cost: FREE
  • Stock: 1

Gold Ring Trades

S-Class Choice Box:

  • 300 Alpha Cards
  • 300 Storm Cards
  • 300 Carrie Ann Cards
  • 300 Trader Cards
  • Cost: 75 Gold rings
  • Stock: 20

5,000 Armory Tokens

  • Cost: 20 Gold Rings
  • Stock: 8


  • Cost: 25 Gold Rings
  • Stock: 4

Engine Grease

  • Cost: 15 Gold Rings
  • Stock: 4

Blow Torch

  • Cost: 5 Gold Rings
  • Stock: 4

75 Gold Rings ( Survivors Club Members Only)

  • Cost: FREE
  • Stock: 1