Hello Survivors,

Happy Tuesday! We are adding one additional tournament this week, a Blitz Faction Survival Road Tournament that will be starting today, 8/25, at approximately 3:00 PM PDT and end 24 hours later. As this is a Blitz Tournament, the number of stages per difficulty level has been reduced from 25 to 15 stages! Check out the rewards below:

RankItem 1Quantity 1Item 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1Choice Box Containing:

-100 Gentleman Cards

-60 Carrie Ann Cards
8Ultra Rare Trainer16Survival Markers130000
2Choice Box Containing:

-100 Gentleman Cards

60 Carrie Ann Cards
4Ultra Rare Trainer12Survival Markers75000
3Choice Box Containing:

-100 Gentleman Cards

– 60 Carrie Ann Cards
2Ultra Rare Trainer10Survival Markers58200
4-10Gentleman Cards100Ultra Rare Trainer8Survival Markers33000
11-25Gentleman Cards50Ultra Rare Trainer4Survival Markers10800
26-50Gentleman Cards20Ultra Rare Trainer2Survival Markers4800
MilestoneRewards 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
BronzeLeague Token425Fifth Anniversary Banner10Survival Markers10000
SilverLeague Token850Fifth Anniversary Banner10Survival Markers15000
GoldLeague Token2550Fifth Anniversary Banner20Survival Markers18000
EliteLeague Token5100Fifth Anniversary Banner40Survival Markers22000
LegendaryLeague Token7650Fifth Anniversary
60Survival Markers35000

We hope you enjoy this event!