We’re happy to announce that our latest update, 26.2.0, will become available soon in your app store of choice.

This update brings a highly anticipated update to our Solo and Faction Level Up Tournaments. Leveling up and promoting S-Class Fighters will now reward their own unique amount of renown points, and no longer share the same amount as 6-Star Fighters. You can expect to see these changes in live tournaments once the update has been fully deployed to all players.

It will also provide fixes for over 100 live issues encountered by some of our players in-game. As usual, we’ll continue to investigate and work on any other possible bugs we encounter or which are reported through our customer support channels.

Below you can find our Patch Notes with a list of fixes included in the update.

In the meantime, why not check out the app store and update your game?


  • Both Solo & Faction Level Up Tournaments can now reward unique renown points for S-Class Leveling and & Promoting (Veteran)
    • Previously S-Classes were considered the same as 6-Star fighters and therefore rewarded the same amount of renown points for leveling and promoting
  • AP Bar now displays on enemy Outlast specialists in the Outlast state
  • Updated the Pain Spread epic weapon effect’s description to avoid possible confusion

General Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue where Veteran S-Class characters would not show the Veteran badge when viewing the last scouted team in a War

– Fixed an issue where the Featured tab of the Shop wouldn’t display a badge when a new item becomes available

– Fixed an issue where trying to view old war leaderboards would just display the most recent war’s leaderboard

– Fixed an issue when tapping the My Position button while viewing a Walker Hordes event leaderboard

– Fixed an issue where the notification badge would still appear on Faction Chat if having already read the chat and restarting the game

– Fixed an issue where Faction Chat wasn’t being prioritized to view when both Faction Chat and Territory Logs were available

– Fixed a bug where it was possible for Coins to be spent when using Gear Markers to get food while leveling up a character

– Fixed an issue where a territory battle against an opposing team could show the enemy as having 5 Ricks when they didn’t

– Fixed an issue where using the Claim All button in the Rewards tab of the Inbox could cause the game to reload

– Fixed an issue where locked fighters could be used up when claiming a Museum collection

– Fixed an issue where claiming a collection from the Museum again that can be claimed an infinite amount of times would cause a reload

Combat Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue with the Cleanse epic weapon effect for an Outlast specialist in the Outlast state

– Fixed an issue where Raulito’s Bleed effect from his leader skill stopped benefitting from the epic weapon effect that increases bleed damage

– Fixed an issue where characters with the Stonewall epic weapon effect would display a 0 potency Defense Down status when going vs a team with Clem’s leader skill

– Fixed an issue where a character at full HP wouldn’t be able to proc Life Leech effects while they had an Infection status applied

– Fixed an issue where the text callout for a Resilient specialist resisting Attack Up Block didn’t have the Attack Up Block icon displayed

– Fixed an issue where Resistance status effects would decrement at the wrong time

– Fixed an issue where the Ransack epic weapon effect wouldn’t be able to steal Resistance status effects

– Fixed an issue where Resistance status effects weren’t being removed by effects that remove all buffs from the opponent

– Fixed an issue where an Outlast specialist in the Outlast state wasn’t displaying the Outlast overlay on itself

– Fixed an issue where having a Slow Resist mod would reduce the amount of AP gained from weapon effects at the start of combat

– Fixed an issue where enemies that were killed by a character whose Adrenaline Rush does Maim damage and applies Crosshairs wouldn’t cause the killed enemy to be decapitated

– Fixed an issue where the Maiming Shot epic weapon effect’s damage getting Bodyguarded would cause Maim to not transfer properly

– Fixed an issue where if the Maiming Shot epic weapon effect gets resisted where it would have procced Bodyguard, the Bodyguard specialist would still take damage

– Fixed an issue where a character taking reflected damage from an opponent with Elusive would gain AP from the reflected damage

– Fixed an issue where multiple enemies killed by a Waste Not specialist wouldn’t proc multiple instances of Waste Not when applicable

– Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the last enemy died from Trauma when resisting 1+ status effects applied from a multi-attack Adrenaline Rush

– Fixed an issue where Cutthroat being triggered at the same time as Dexterity would bypass Dexterity’s tenacity effect