Over the past weeks, you’ve had a chance to see some of our recent changes to a lot of our Recurring Roadmaps.

It’s part of a continuous effort to bring new life into an area of the game that is vital to our players.

The main intent behind the changes is to provide greater or equal rewards to the roadmaps but for a lesser energy and time cost, making your daily activity routine achievable in less time and with more agency in your rewards.

Also, the last stage of the Elite and Ultra Rare Gear Roadmaps, and the last stage of each act of the Ultimate Gear Roadmap, will now also provide a Gear Choice Box of the appropriate rarity as a Stage Drop. This will allow you to choose your reward rather than rely on mystery bags.

We’ll keep a close eye on your feedback, as we want to continue to improve the experience of these roadmaps for all our players.

We hope these changes will make things better, so please let us know if you’re happy with the improvements so far, or if there are more changes you want us to look into.