A side product of Eugene’s experiments tends to be discovering completely unexpected alternate uses for some of his failed prototypes… And it seems Walker Heads make for some very fine fertilizer.

Either way, he’s offering up a very sizeable stash as a reward for the Walker Heads you come back with. Whatever the end result, the reward suits you just fine.

Time to go hunt down some Walkers!

And don’t forget to pick up their heads once you’re done…

Event Dates

Start: Friday 9/25/20 12:00 PM PDT

End: Monday 10/5/20 12:00 PM PDT

Event Details

A new Stash is available for a limited time! Collect Walker Head Tokens from the new Walker Head Roadmap to be able to Open the stash.

Each day, a new Act will unlock in the Walker Head Roadmap. Each Act will award you with 100 Walker Head Tokens.

Opening the Walker Head Stash will cost you 100 Walker Head Tokens, and you’ll be able to open the stash a total of 10 times.

Want to go the extra mile? Don’t worry, we have you covered. You’ll be able to complete the stash a total of 10 times! Each time you complete it, the Stash will reset and allow you to claim the rewards once more.

Walker Head Stash

These are the rewards you’ll receive for opening the Walker Head Stash

Bear Paw Token1
Gear Markers30000
Random Platinum Mod1
S-Class Cards Choice Box1
S-Class Cards Choice Box1
S-Class Cards Choice Box1

S-Class Cards Choicebox contents (Choice of):

  • 400 Rosita Cards
  • 400 Alpha Cards
  • 350 Trader Cards
  • 350 Mateo Cards
  • 350 Imani Cards
  • 300 Shane Cards
  • 250 Noor Cards
  • 125 Mr. Liu Cards

Walker Head Roadmap

Each day, a new Act each will appear, rewarding 100 Walker Head Tokens on completion.

A total of 10 Acts will be released, each with 3 stages to complete, and costs 20 energy per stage (for a total of 60 Energy per act).