Hey Survivors,

We launched A Bear’s Journey at the beginning of September in hopes of creating an exciting way to participate in the TWD:RTS’s calendar of events. We’ve heard feedback from the community in recent weeks about confusion surrounding the event, so here is some clarity on the 40 Bear Paw Tokens players can expect to earn through gameplay:

  • 10 Bear Paw Tokens from the “A Bear’s Journey” Login Mission Event
  • 20 Bear Paw Tokens from 5x “Bear Story” Roadmaps
  • We have sourced 11x event-related Bear Paw Tokens thus far:
    • 1x Bear Paw Token from Hunter’s Log Event
    • 3x Bear Paw Tokens from Aftermath Event
    • 1x Bear Paw Token from Allegiance Event
    • 6x Bear Paw Tokens from Wayland’s Forge Event
  • You can expect to source 1-3x more Bear Paw Tokens through gameplay over the last two weeks of the event

Wayland’s Forge Update

We also wanted to update players on the recent Wayland’s Forge bug. If you completed the Wayland’s Forge I or Wayland’s Forge II Museum Collections, but progress did not update in the Wayland’s Forge Mission Event, your Mission Event progress will be corrected within the next 24 hours, at which point you will be able to claim the correct rewards and continue your progression.

Gift Offer

Finally, we want to thank the community for being patient with us through this past week. We’d like to show our appreciation with this gift offer, which will be sent out to all players within the next 48 hours. The contents are shown below:

  • 3x War Refills
  • 3x Arena Tickets
  • 3x Crystal Bags
  • 1x Bear Paw Token
  • 10,000x Armory Tokens
  • 2x Blowtorch
  • 1x Varnish
  • 1x Engine Grease