Hello Survivors,

Happy Wednesday! While reviewing everyone’s current progression into the Hunter’s Prey event, we’ve noticed that many players are struggling to complete the final stage of the event’s roadmap. As a result of this, we have adjusted the Rattlesnake roadmap to reduce the difficulty of the final act’s final stage.

We will also be sending out a gift to all players via inbox containing the following items:

  • x1 Dead Rabbit
  • x100 Dead Rattlesnakes
  • x50 Fox Fur Quivers
  • x2 Legendary Choice Box A
    • Choice of:
      • 1x Canteen
      • 1x GPS
  • x4 Legendary Choice Box B
    • Choice of:
      • 1x Whetstone
      • 1x Double Holster
      • 1x Hockey Mask
      • 1x Magazine Bandolier

Please expect to receive this gift via inbox within 24 hours.

We hope you continue to enjoy Hunter’s Prey!