We wanted to bring to light a pressing issue involving Lee and his Normalize resistance effect.

We are aware that the duration of the effect is lasting indefinitely and today’s release will fix this and address a number of other combat bugs as well. We will be sending out the following gift in the next 24 hours for your continued patience and understanding:

  • 20x Burt Trainers
  • 10x Basil Trainers
  • 3x War Energy Refills
  • 10x Ultra Rare Gear Choice Box
    • Choice of:
      • 1x Night Vision Goggle
      • 1x Police Shield
      • 1x Belt with Holster
      • 1x Scope
      • 1x Briefcase
      • 1x Long Coat
  • 10x Epic Gear Choice Box
    • Choice of:
      • 1x Weapon Tripod
      • 1x Sports Gautlet
      • 1x Practice Dummy
      • 1x Knife Sheath
  • 10x Legendary Gear Choice Box
    • Choice of:
      • 1x Whetstone
      • 1x Double Holster
      • 1x Hockey Mask
      • 1x Magazine Bandolier
  • 2x Energy Refill Choice Boxes
    • Choice of
      • 1x World Energy Refill
      • 1x Raid Energy Refill
      • 1x War Energy Refill
      • 1x Walker Hordes Energy Refill
      • 1x Survival Road Energy Refill
      • 1x Territory Energy Refill