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We’ve been closely monitoring the Region conversation happening in our community, and have been looking at possible solutions to address some of the most common pain points we see in your feedback.

Overall we want to address the inconsistent region population in some of our regions, in order to offer a more active and even playing field.

A total of 27 regions will be involved in the region merger and mostly focuses on language-specific servers. You will be able to find a full list of affected regions and more detailed information below. 

Affected regions have been organized into merger groups, based on the total group population, region language, and the average power of each region, to ensure a stable and enjoyable environment, post-merger.

In those merger groups, the population of all regions will be automatically transferred towards the region with the highest active population. Special considerations will be made for those who use their account to play in multiple regions, so don’t worry. We will detail the exact merger process below. 

Once all transfers have been made to the new destination region, the other regions in the merger group will no longer be available. 

And to help celebrate your new home, all players involved in region merges will receive a “Welcome Home” gift. In addition, a special “Welcome Home” event will be held in all destination regions, which will consist of a Daily Log-in event which includes a very useful stash.

We are making every possible effort to ensure that this process is as smooth and simple as possible, so let’s have a look at the full list of merger groups and the detailed merger process.

Merger Groups

Please note that the destination region will be listed first in each group and marked in Bold and with an asterisk (*)

Merge Group 1Merge Group 2
Quitman (EN)*Treutlen (KO)*
Appling (EN)Anderson (KO)
AtkinsonCrisp (KO)
BaldwinDodge (KO)
Barbour (EN)Douglas (KO)
Floyd (EN)
Merge Group 3Merge Group 4
Allen (TR)*Early (PT)*
Colquitt (TR)Roswell (PT)
Hancock (TR)Toombs (PT)
Towns (TR)
Merge Group 5Merge Group 6
Oconee (PT)*Evans (PT)*
Emanuel (PT)Twiggs (PT)
Fannin (PT)
Merge Group 7Merge Group 8
Wayne (PT)*Glynn (ES)*
Lumpkin (PT)Jackson (ES)

Region Merger Process

The Region Merger will occur in 3 Phases.

Phase I: Monday, November 9 – Friday, November 13

  • All players who only have 1 active account across any of the regions included in the same merger group will be moved over to the Destination Region automatically.
  • Players who play on 2 or more regions in the same merger group are left in place until Phase II.
  • This Phase will happen simultaneously across all Merge Groups

Phase II: Thursday, November 19 – Tuesday, December 1

For players who play across 2 or more regions in the same group.

  • Active accounts will receive an inbox message with a free Transfer key, offering the possibility to transfer to an available region (specified in the message). You will have 14 days to transfer before your account is considered Inactive.
  • Inactive accounts with multiple play sessions across 2 or more regions in the same merger group will be settled in the following way:
    • Play session with the Highest Level will be migrated to the Destination Region.
    • Any other play session below level 30 will be deleted.

Phase III: Wednesday, December 2- Friday, December 4

  • The remaining inactive accounts to be in the merge group will be consolidated into the Destination region.
  • Affected non-destination regions will be officially retired.

Welcome home!

After the move is done, it’s time for the housewarming celebrations!

All players in their new destination regions will receive a free Welcome Home gift including:

  • 10x World Energy Refills
  • 10x Arena Tickets
  • 10x Raid Energy Refills
  • 500 Coins

We’ll also kick off the Welcome Home event, which will offer you free stash opens on each day you log in to the event. The stash will contain some tasty rewards such as Trader and Jacki S-Class Cards, Legendary Gear, Trainers, and more!

You’ll also have a chance to get to know your new neighbors a bit better thanks to a Welcome Home Blitz War allowing you to get your first taste of the new competition out there.

Not enough? Fine, we’ll also include a Double Coins offer, doubling the number of coins received on your first purchase.

We hope this merger helps improve your overall experience in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this process.

We look forward to seeing all of you settling in your new homes soon!